Monday, March 5, 2012

Chapter 1: The catalyst

Parallel Lines (Wattpad)

Chapter 1: The catalyst (Wattpad)


Shit. If the damned alarm clock couldn't scream any louder, I'll move out of the planet. Six-thirty. Mother of God. I overslept. Life couldn't be more beautiful. I quickly jumped off my tiny bed, took a bath, checked on Dash, my dog, and ate my breakfast - breakfast meaning a nice little carrot on my way to school on my rickety bike, Five years of this you'll get the hang of it, too.

By the way, my name is Ryne. Ryne Evers. Cool name, huh? NO. It's bloody disgusting. Anyway, as I arrived at school, a lot of people are still around. I wasn't toast, oh yes. I'm actually excited to go to school, despite the fact that most of the time I arrive always almost-late. You'll see why. I've been here at Anderson High here in Australia all my life and I knew practically every face in the campus. But that doesn't mean that they know me. I've always been classified as the nerdy type, you see. Okay, first things first. I am NOT a nerd. I just have these awkward glasses that makes me look like a geek. And I am not that tall, which, I think, adds to the nerdy appeal. I have a slim build, okay-ish bangs and hair that's closer to brown than black. But not all people can be Lisa Sparks pretty. Lisa - of all the popular people in the school - is the sweetest, kind hearted and the best bitch. She's the Terminator. She's Bellatrix Lestrange. She's a lunatic.

I wasn't attention when I was securing my bike, so Lisa's sparkling little Volvo backed up on my bike. Hard.

"What the bloody hell is wrong with you?"

"Oops. Was that your bike?" Now she's making a show of looking beneath her tires, which is squashing my bike against the asphalt.

"Oh my gosh, Ryne! I am so sorry." Pathetic. "I'll pay you back, I promise." As if.

"Please, just stay away from me." I said, walking into the campus. I said please; I'm not an entirely evil person. The Terminator followed me anyway. "You know, what I think? I think you just think you're awesome because you are - "

"Bitch, did you hear me earlier?" I quickened my steps, leaving her behind.

What? You think I am a ruthless human being? She deserved it! All those years of harassing me whenever she can and not to mention all the money, hard work and skipped meals that ended up under her car just now. I am a person reacting normally.

So finally, I'm at the classroom. Sparks and I aren't classmates, thank God. I've had enough of her face today. She's such an infuriating little prick. Now I have to walk home! That's just dandy. When she shows her edited face again, I will strangle her and -
"What did the blackboard do to you?"

My eyes met the smiling ones of Carsh. Carsh Meyers. My boyfriend. Yes, I have a boyfriend. That's what makes me excited to go to school five times a week. Please don't be shocked. Carsh has been with me for almost a year now. He's blonde, tall and smart. And he has blue eyes. I couldn't care less. He's the only one who doesn't judge by appearance, makes me laugh and has stuck with me since I met him. Unlike some who snubs me just because I don't actually meet their expectations or complete their list of requirements or something. Especially after what happened to my parents five years ago.

"You're having those looks again," he said. "like you want to eat me." I laughed at that.

"I'm just daydreaming. Nothing serious." I replied.

I met Carsh two years ago, when I was just 15. He was a year older than me. Corky Mallory, who is a complete freak - seriously, everyone's afraid of him, he's the weirdest in all of the history of weird and there's just no telling what's his next...stunt.- was chasing me with a huge, and I mean HUGE, lizard in his pudgy hands. The thing about this is - I have a phobia to lizards. I can't even believe that they exist, just thinking about them makes me shiver. That's the reason behind why I was running rocket speed away from Corky. Then I bumped into a body. Into Carsh.

"Whoa, there. Easy. Are you okay? You look like you're about to pass out." Then I met those oh-so blue eyes. Then bada-bing-bada-boom. Let's just say that lizards may have a purpose after all.

"You look really down. What happened?" He asked me now, concern etched into his features.

"Nothing important."
"Doesn't look like nothing. Look," he said. "talk to me. It's me. Was it Lisa?" I sighed. "Really. It's not a big thing." Then I told him. I'll just have to save for a new bike. Ugh. "So you'll just... walk home?" he said, worried. "I can't take you home. Dad and I are visiting Illiana." Oh, that. crap. Totally forgot that. Illiana is Carsh's sister. He looked very worried. Again. Here it goes.

"Call me as soon as you go home, okay? And bring your pepper spray..." he ranted. I only kept a pepper spray because it makes him happy. But seriously?! Who would shag me in the first place?
"Okay, Daddy." He's so fussy at times.

He chuckled. Staring at him, imperfect as my life is, I would never trade it for anything or everything else in the world. I guess I should have known how quickly and differently everything changes from here.

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