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Chapter 38: Second time

Chapter 38: Second time (Wattpad)

They say the truth sets you free.

But they’re wrong.

So wrong.

Ice clapped her hands once. “Now, I think everyone’s on the same page. So what do we do with the both of you now?”

I stayed silent. I don’t want to think. I don’t even know what to think. My lungs seem to be suffocating as I stared at nothing trying to set my mind straight. I just want to get away from here. I have to. Tears were still unconsciously falling from my eyes. I refused to look at Sky. I just want to open my eyes and out that everything was just a dream. I’d do anything for that to happen.

Ice continued speaking. “I really want to kill La Brea right now. You’ve caused enough trouble, and not to mention that you look like you don’t care if you live or die.” He didn’t respond, hollowed eyes staring right past her. “Brighten up, Sky! You don’t have to carry the burden anymore! I can’t imagine how painful that must be for you but frankly, I don’t see why you’re so affected by it.

No response.

“I’ll just have a monologue then. Fine. Considering you only have a few more minutes to live, you should at least spill everything you know – the location, Sky. I still need it.” She sighed when Sky said nothing. “I’m losing my patience here. It could be cleaner if you just tell me – you’ll die either way, so no pressure. I obviously can’t kill Ryne; she’s too valuable – ”

“Go to hell.” Sky suddenly stirred to life a little. “Don’t you dare touch her.”

Ice smiled. “Wrong move.” Then she strode over to me, pulling me by the hair. I struggled to no avail and then she stood still. “Do you know how much bullets a human body can take without dying? It’s a surprising number actually – ”

“No – ”

She pressed the wounds on my wrists and I felt excruciating pain. I heard Sky say as I howled in pain. “Stop it! Hurt me, not her – ”

 “Just tell me where they are and you don’t – ” she never finished the sentence as the warehouse metal doors shot open and bullets were everywhere. Everything was a blur. I felt Ice’s body jerk behind me and she let go, almost felling to the ground from the stomach shot she had. She immediately poised her gun as chaos erupted when her men joined the fray. But she didn’t point it at me.


My feet was carrying me to her direction and right before she pulled the trigger, I ran straight towards her and her aim was thrown off, the bullet hitting one of her men.

“Bitch! You – ”

A bullet whizzed past my ear and it hit her straight in the chest and she fell abruptly to the ground, like a marionette with its strings cut off. I can’t breathe and my body was still aching and all I saw was the gun in her dead hand and the next thing I remember was grabbing it. I stood up and took cover behind the pile of sacks.

Who should I get away from?

I clicked the gun in my hand and raised it to aim but I felt a hand covering my mouth. I kicked and struggled and I blindly aimed my gun behind my head and without thinking, I pulled the trigger.

His limp arms fell to his sides and he crumpled to the floor, dead. One of Ice’s people. I stepped over the body and backed away from the scene unfolding in front of me – an open almost-war image and total disarray. I whipped my head around and started running away, further inside the warehouse where hopefully, there are no people waiting for me. I passed through numerous building materials and construction necessities. And then suddenly, there were two string arms holding my upper arms.

Two familiar hands.

“Let go of me!”

“I need to protect you – ”

“I’ve had enough of your protecting, Sky. Just – ” he cuffed my wrists and I screamed in frustration. “Xav and the others are taking care of it, we need to go – ”

“I hate you all! And we’re not going anywhere – ” then he covered my mouth with a handkerchief in his hand and started dragging me away. Fuck this! I tried to hold on to something with my feet but in vain. This is the second time I’ve been kidnapped by this person and I don’t want it.

Sky accidentally pressed my wounds and I shrieked painfully, muffled by the cloth on my mouth.

“Oh, God.” Abruptly, he released the hindrance to my mouth and pushed me behind a pile of crates, stacked high and wide enough not to be seen by anyone watching. Gunshots and grenade explosions can still be heard from here, shaking the ground slightly.
“Uncuff me – ”

“Stay still and don’t move.” he pressed my front torso against the boxes and I heard him tearing off a piece of cloth from his shirt and he started bandaging my wounds. I violently moved my shoulders. “I don’t need your fucking help – ”

“Your wrists – ”

“Get away from me!”

He fell silent after that, slightly pausing the bandaging but quickly resumed doing so, without any sound or indication that something happened. I exhaled slowly. This is hopeless.
Once the bleeding was stopped and my wound was temporarily secure, he pushed me forward once again, pulling his gun out and perusing the nearby surroundings before stepping further. I pursed my lips and didn’t even bother to speak. I was afraid I’d start crying when I do and that can’t happen.

In no time, we were already outside, just as the sun was setting. Sky led me to a Porsche but I stopped in my tracks halfway. I called out, “Dash?” 

Barking instantly sounded from behind the car and I sped towards it, almost dragging Sky. Then there he was, tied to the rear view mirror, unharmed. Without words being said, Sky immediately freed Dash and opened the backseat and ushered my dog in, never letting go of his grip on me. Then he faced me and opened the shotgun seat.

“In.” he said emotionlessly.

When I did not move a muscle, he pushed me into the seat and didn’t even bother to uncuff my wrists, As he closed the door, I breathed in hard, closing my eyes. I put my knees up to myself and I lay with my head there, hands still bound on my back. I hate this.

After a few seconds, he opened the other side of the car and settled in, starting the engine in an instant. He didn’t speak.

            And I can’t see any point in saying something as well.

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