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Chapter 27: A shift

Chapter 27: A shift (Wattpad)

           Cursing. Someone was cursing. My first thought was about the pain on my shoulder which receded to a mere numbness. But my head. God, my head is throbbing like crazy. I now recognized the voice of the person. And now I came about it, there wasn’t anybody else I really expected.

When I opened my eyes I saw the orange tint of the surroundings. I seemed to forgot how to speak because all I managed are groans. I saw Sky’s face then. His green eyes were full of despair, hope then sudden overwhelming relief and I felt him hug me.

“Fuck you, Ryne. Don’t do that again.” He hugged me tighter. “I was so scared.” Now, I took in my surroundings. We are on the countryside, I think. There were trees everywhere and the road sounded far away. The sun was already setting – that was what caused the orange glow. We were under a huge maple tree, Sky was leaning on the trunk and I was positioned on his lap. He was still hugging me and I put my own arms around his neck.

“Don’t you dare out me through that ever again.” he growled. I smiled and the pain on my head suddenly seemed irrelevant. :I’ll take that as a compliment.” I replied hoarsely. He pulled away and looked at me. I saw in the reflection of his glasses that my shoulder and head were bandaged. My brow creased, “I didn’t know you knew first-aid.” He released a strangled laugh and put his forehead on mine. His hands overlapped at my back while my hands barely made connection at the back of his neck. 

“I’m so glad you’re okay.”

“Believe me, I am, too.”

He only smiled and planted a kiss on my forehead, then put my head on hid shoulder. I said, almost smiling,

“I bet tomorrow, you’ll be back to be an asshole.”

            “Shut that mouth of yours for a while and relax.” he said, rubbing his hand on my back. I yawned. A person couldn’t go through hell and not be exhausted. I heard Sky chuckle and say something I couldn’t hear as I went back to sleep.

           11am, Saturday

It’s funny how many times I seemed to doze off. I felt myself smile as I recalled the events of yesterday afternoon. Sky seemed so out of character! I almost giggled/ I must be crazy; I think I’m the only one who can laugh after being shot and had their head smacked to the floor. I opened my eyes and found myself inside a room, a very vast room, by the way. The furnishings were nice but not as superb as the Monte Carlo hotel. I groped for my glasses then went for my watch next. 11:02 am. My head feels heavy and stuffy and I found out that he replaced the bandages overnight. They were thicker, by the feel of it. I sat up – which probably took an eternity. I don’t know why but I can’t balance myself properly. It’s insane! I feel like a baby or an old woman. Probably both. But I managed to sit up. Oh yeah. Then – oh not again. I wasn’t  wearing the lavender dress, but rather a white nightgown. I sighed, determined. Where is that bastard?

Then I spotted him. There, on the three-person couch, sleeping soundly. No blankets, though. Stupid hotels. Why do they have only one blanket per room, anyway? I got off the bed and almost fell again on the floor had I not leaned on the wall for support. I dragged the blanket along with me, walking as slow as a snail. Turtle. Sloth. Whatever. Turtles are cuter.

I heard whining at the base of the bed and saw Dash. I put a finger to my mouth.

“Shh, boy. Come here.”

He trotted quietly to me and nuzzled my leg. I looked at the couch. This is just a piece of cupcake, I convinced myself. So after 1,000,000… years, I’m finally kneeling uncomfortably on the cold floor. I spread the blanket around him. He hadn’t even changed his clothes or put off his shoes. 

I pursed my lips in mid-decision. Then a voice inside my head seemed to say, You ungrateful little whore. That person saved your life. The funny thing is, the voice sounded like the Terminator. I made a sound that’s supposed to be a laugh but came out as a cough. Life is hard, no?

I turned to his feet and untied the laces before putting them off and gently placing them on the antique rug. The socks came next and I came back to his face, planning to remove his glasses. I felt like a country housewife right then. That’s what they do, right? Cook, wash, chores. No pun intended, of course. I was just placing my hand to his eyewear to take it off when he said, eyes closed,


He opened his eyes and gripped my wrist, putting it away from his glasses. Damn it! I was being nice! Is this what you get for being grateful?! I shot him a bland look. 


He smiled. “Good morning to you, too.”

I felt my lips turn into a small smile and pursed them to not let it show. “You didn’t even change your clothes.”

He smiled wider. “I needed to change yours.”
“Fuck you.”

He laughed, his grip on my wrist slackening. “And aside from that, your bandages needed to be changed every four hours.”

That’s not true. I replied to him in a skeptical voice, “So you changed my bandages… and woke up every four hours?”


My mouth fell open. “But you just said – ”

“I stayed up all night.”

My eyes widened. “You what?!”

“Stayed up all night.” he repeated, chuckling. “I couldn’t sleep anyway.” He started sitting up, like the Greek god he was.. He put his hands on my upper arms and heaved me up to the couch. I instantly felt nausea with the force of a stampeding troll. He said, 

“I should be annoyed with you – sneaking out of bed and walking when you could have killed yourself – ”

“I just have trouble balancing, you moron – ”

“Thanks for the blanket, by the way. It makes me feel spe – ”  I cut him off. “I just felt like doing it, don’t get your hopes up, dude.”

He chuckled again. “I didn’t know you were a gangsta, dude.” I laughed, which roughly translates to coughing. “Jesus. Sorry, Ryne. I guess we have to postpone our training. Again.” he said as he rubbed my upper back.

“Is that a good thing or bad thing?”

His mouth puckered in consideration. “A bit of both, I think.”

“You think?”

“Look, why are you even asking me if you won’t believe a single thing I say?”

“Do you want me to ask Dash?”

He just shrugged. “Zombie’s smart. He probably – ”  He’s taking the ‘zombie’ issue too far. “Stop with the ‘zombie’ thing, I beg you. Dash looks nothing like one.” At the sound of his name used in such a tone, the dog barked and lolled out his tongue. 

“The personality, Ryne.” Whatever. I had more pressing questions to ask, now I came to think about it. 

“How did we get away?”

He smiled like Christmas came in advance. Then he explained to me in one word. “Xav.”

Wow. “Xavia was there?” She’s like a damned ninja! How can you even hide a face like that?! “Imah’s more on the information and Xav, well. She’s got her own stuff.” 

“That is so cool. She must be a good teacher.” He raised an eyebrow at me. “Do you want to train? Like serious training? 

“I can’t help smashing my head to the asphalt every time they’re around – ”

“Speaking of they,” he started, green eyes darkening. “I hope they rot in hell.”

“Under normal circumstances I would lecture you endlessly on human rights. But I more than agree with you.”

He pursed his lips. “Remember the grey-eyed woman we encountered last Tuesday?”

Yeah, when you kidnapped me. “Yes. What about her?” I asked slowly. 

“Apparently, she has four other sisters. Which, kind of means that – ”


“Yep. Mr. Mafia killed the two younger ones. And I killed her. So, err…” 

Uh oh. “Wait, wait, wait. How do you know about this?” He bit his lip and replied casually, “Imah, of course. What the – 

“Why does Imah always talk to you, while – ”

“You were unconscious, Ryne.” he replied. “The bottomline is, stay away from grey-eyed people, all right? Specially women.” At least I have a heads-up, right?

“Why did Mr. Mafia kill the younger ones?” Sky ust shrugged. “He was still his old self back then. And by the way the two others – the elder ones – are waiting for revenge. To be brought upon us, apparently.”

Oh, no.

“Us? I didn’t do anything!” They must be crazy! I’m the innocent one here.

“Doesn’t change the fact that they’re after you, too. Their names are Sasha Hale and Ice MacArran.” he stared off at nothing in particular. “Keep them in mind, ‘kay?” Honestly. It was like nothing to him. I bit my lip and muttered consent.

            An hour later

“Don’t move okay? Just don’t move. I can – ”

“I don’t know how the bloody hell I managed to sleep while you – ”

“Shush. Only a bit more.”

I grunted in annoyance. Sky was replacing the bandages on my shoulder. The one on the head was no problem, but the shoulder. One thing for sure, though – Sky La Brea isn’t a gentle person. Okay, well not, really. Only in these kind of stuff.

“Ow, ow…” 

“There.” Said, sounding pleased with himself. Then he grabbed the first-aid kit on the far side of the couch in the living room of the place. We – I mean, he - checked in here at Estate Suites. It’s not a five-star, though. But I couldn’t care less – I’ve had enough of five-stars. “I just have to bandage it again. This won’t hurt now.” he said, patting my hand. We were both newly dressed – credits to the hotel’s wonderful bathroom.

Slowly, he wrapped the bandage cloth around and around my shoulder as he was done putting betadine on the wound. I looked at Sky, then. “You know, I’ve always thought being kidnapped would be terrifying.” he raised his eyes to meet mine. “Is that a compliment?” I laughed. “A thank-you, more like.” He raised an eyebrow. “For kidnapping you?”

I smiled slightly. “For a lot of things.” He put both hands on my shoulders, then rubbed them soothingly. “I think it’s my turn to say something but I have no idea what.” I laughed again. “You don’t have to say anything. I didn’t ask you to.” His hands on my shoulders felt nice; very warm and comfortable. I looked down and bit my lip. I saw the blue pattern on a rug and thought of Carsh. I pursed my lips and turned to Sky. 

“You seem silent.”

He smiled a sad smile. “You miss you Carsh, don’t you?” I just sighed and closed my eyes. Irrational, Ryne. I tried for a smile but it rather came out as a grimace. He said,
“I’m sorry. I’d like to make it up to you but I have no idea how.” his hands moved from my shoulders to my elbows.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to do anything.” I felt like a fool for saying that, considering the events that I had no idea would happen that would occur in the next few days. 

            I didn’t know it by then, though.

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