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Chapter 22: Xavia

Chapter 22: Xavia (Wattpad)

At least I understand now right? It doesn’t make any big difference. No, not at all! I’m not scared whatsoever in this situation. It’s bloody perfect!

After that life-changing question and answer a few minutes ago, I’m still sick, lying on the couch. I have an empty cup of cookies and cream ice cream on the table at my right, as well as three magazines, a pack of strepsils, two DVDs, an extra pillow, my medicine and the four books Sky saved from the shootout at the mall. All this was the result of my ordering Sky around until I took pity on him and let him rest. Let me tell you, it’s somewhat entertaining – I’ve never had a nanny as long as I can remember. 

Now, I’m reading the fifth book, glasses a bit down on the bridge of my nose. It’s Art of War. This situation isn’t exactly a war, but I can taste the irony.

Dash was already fed earlier by Sky and is now in the manager’s office. Again, result of Sky’s expertise with women. Dash’s going to stay for a little while; I’d rather not risk my life with his presence for now. And as if the loneliness isn’t completely enough, the radio – which was connected to the speakers – was playing “Bad Day” by David Powell.

I sighed my heart out and turned to Sky. He was on the seat by the closed window, cleaning his gun and scribbling something in a pad of paper every now and then. I snapped the book shut and placed it with the four others. I sneezed terribly and fetched a bottle of water.
This is insanity.

My head still hurts and it’s not like I could talk to someone. Where the hell is Imah when you need her? Her chatting would’ve been nice and comfortable. As if Sky sensed my stare burn through him, he turned to me.

“Do you need something or is it just my face?” I ignored his jibe and told him, “I used to do that, you know.” He looked uncertain and replied, “Uhm, cleaning a gun?”

“Not exactly. I meant multi-tasking.” 

He raised an eyebrow and asked, “And you’re saying this because…?” I sighed and then – sneezed. “Because I’m so damned bored, that’s why! I’m not sure if people can die of boredom – ” he laughed loudly that drowned out the sound of my whining.

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing, really. If this might interest you though, I’m writing our training schedule for – ”

I groaned loudly. “I thought Mr. Mafia wanted me to have fun?”

“First, he wants you to be safe.” he said it like he was explaining one plus one. 

“I just want to do something. I can’t just lie here.” 

“Unfortunately, you have to. If you don’t, I’ll force you.”

“Yeah. I expected as much. And can’t you open the curtains?”

“Nuh-uh. Not safe.”

“Oh please. Is someone aiming a gun at us right now?”

“The room next to us, yes. I think they have the wrong room, though.” No. He’s joking. “Someone has their gun at our neighbour?” 

“Not really them. Just their window.” He quickly added, “Imah’s really good in her stuff.”

He shrugged then replied. “She popped in to my comm device earlier,” he said, tapping the said item in his ear, “she just said that and that’s it, really.”

“Why didn’t you let me talk to her?” I asked desperately. “She hanged up pretty quickly. Still upset about that.” he said this while scowling, rubbing the cloth to the side of his gun hard. 

“It wasn’t her fault. Leave it, Sky.” I scolded. Though, as he said it, my thoughts ran wild. It could be anyone. Someone close to her she said. Even though it hurt, I thought of Carsh. He won’t do that. End of story. It was most likely the Terminator. I mean, she hated my guts since the beginning of time. Who could blame me, right? It’s a better alternative to Corky anyway.

I sighed and grabbed the remote to turn off the mocking radio, still halfway through the song. I closed my eyes and prayed I could sleep – just a few minutes of peace, that’s all I need. I quickly got my wish as the song that stuck in my head lulled me slowly to sleep.

            6 hours later, 3pm

I raised my blanket higher up to my chin and rolled to the side. Consciousness started seeping in and my mind wondered how I rolled that much without falling off the couch. And now, I remember the couch not being as comfortable as this. I opened my eyes, feeling strangely relaxed. It’s already late afternoon from what I see. Someone removed my glasses and I reached out for it at the side of my pillow and grabbed my beetle-slash-necklace-slash-watch.

I was putting it back when I checked the time again because I wasn’t paying attention the first time. I stared at the canopy of the bed; apparently Sky transferred me here. Really, he doesn’t have to do – I sneezed. 

I groaned wearily. The fever wasn’t that bad anymore, but my nose wasn’t helping matters at all. I was just planning to have my nose removed when I heard noise on the outside room.


This is crazy. Maybe I had too much tablets, or maybe this isn’t flu. I shook my head then pain shot through my temple. Smart, Ryne. Very smart. I held both of my hands to my head and sat up on the bed, knees drawn to my chest. 

The laughing on the next room commenced again, only this time, I can hear it clearer.
A woman.

I think it’s real. I untangled myself from the sheets, then heard Sky’s laugh. Okay, it’s real. I don’t recognize the woman’s laugh, though I know for sure that it’s not Imah – Imah’s much too loud. I heard Sky exclaim playfully, “Ow!”

After that, I felt strange for some reason. Sky sounded like he was really having fun and the female – she sounds beautiful. Now, don’t ask me how I knew that, there’s just some people who are just born with natural appeal. 

If Sky let someone enter to this room, there’s bound to be a reason why. I gathered up my wits and got off the bed, put on my slippers and walked to the door.

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t plan on going to the living room without them noticing me. I felt like a crazy stalker when I put my left ear to the door, hearing them through the thin wood. I pressed my ear closer to the door to decipher their muffled voices. Then I sneezed.


I was frozen, my hand over my mouth and nose. Stalking sucks! I would never ever confide this to anybody alive if my life depended on it. I can already sense that they knew I was awake and probably creeping up on them. I didn’t hear the noise from the living room. Oh, God. What now?

Before I knew it, the door opened and I tripped to Sky’s chest. He opened the freaking door! Aargh! He steadied me by the shoulders and helped me stand. I sneezed again then I quickly said, looking in his green eyes,

“I wasn’t spying on you. I swear. I was just going out and – ” I sneezed. Again.

“It’s okay, Ryne. Drink lots of water, okay? Your colds are getting – ” I sneezed. “…worse.” he ended his sentence. He put his arm around me while I was feeling woozy and steered me towards the couch. And there, I saw her.

I was damned right earlier. She is beautiful. A brunette with light skin, straight nose, arched eyebrows an hourglass figure and those curls. Natural, I bet. Her expressive blue eyes completed the picture. That instant I took in her appearance I was struck speechless. She’s the dream girl every human being could conjure up in their wildest dreams. Oh, and by the way, my self-esteem just crash landed to zero. 

Sky started, “Ryne, this is Xavia; she’ll help you with the training and Xav, this is Ryne.”
She smiled, showing her perfect set of teeth and dimples. Then she stood up and held out her hand, “Sky told me all about you.” I glared at Sky as she said it in that melodic tone of hers and shook her hand.

Sky chuckled, “Nothing bad, I promise.” Then we sat down, Xavia to my right and him to my other side.

“What did Sky say about me?”

Sky jumped in. “I told you – ”

“Shut up. I wasn’t asking you – ”

He looked at Xavia. “See? I told you she was spontaneous.” She chuckled.


“I can’t find another word.”

I sneezed in response. Sky grabbed a pitcher, poured in lots of water in a glass and handed it over to me. “I was just telling Xav that you’re still sick and the schedule for out training.”

I looked at her then, all perfection and I felt myself shrink. She told me, “I’m not going to be here every day, you see. I’ll be here just for every Tuesday, at the very least.”

‘If you don’t mind me asking,” I said, why the hell are you so beautiful? No. I want to ask that but I sympathized with myself. “what are you going to teach me?”

“Sky will teach the most of it, unfortunately.” She giggled. “I know you don’t like him much, but I can’t stay here every day.”

I turned to him, eyebrows raised.

He grinned in return. “Just so you know, I’m a strict teacher.” Oh, really. “Wow, Sky. I’m so scared. Absolutely terrified.” Xavia laughed. I looked at her then. Am I that talented in making people laugh? She looked at me strangely and said,

            “I used to go to Anderson High, did you know that?”

            My mouth fell open. Anderson High?! She’s joking! I would’ve noticed her if she and I went to the same school – she would be popular at the first step on the soil of that education enrichment place. 

            “Don’t look so shocked! I’m a year older that you – ”

            “But I would’ve seen you!”

            She smiled a secretive smile. “Let’s just say that I’ve been under a disguise.” Then she winked at me. My brow creased in thought. Why would someone so pretty hide her face and pretend to someone else was way behind my comprehension.

            “I go by the name Angela Evans back then. I don’t have much friends but that way was better.” she explained. The name did sound kind of familiar. Evans. Section D7, I think. She can’t seem to stop smiling at me and it was becoming rather unsettling. Imagine Queen Elizabeth staring at you. Yes, terrifying. 

            Well not, really. But I know you get my drift.

            “Err, why are you staring at me like that?”

            “Carsh said he was into you the first time he met you, you know.”

            “You know Carsh?” Blood hell. Now I don’t know what to say. She laughed again – maybe at my expression.

            “We’re not that close. He said he met you because of Mallory. Two years ago?”

            “That’s right. He was chasing me with a… thing.”

            She nodded. “You don’t have to explain. I know exactly what you’re talking about.” As she said that, I looked a Sky. He was rather silent throughout our conversation, just skimming through my books. He looked at me, now. He raised an eyebrow in question. 

            I told him, “Is that your real face, or is that kind of edited?”

            “Edited?” he sputtered disbelievingly. Who could blame me? I was just wondering. They seem kind of into under covers and he’s actually much too handsome to exist. Xavia laughed loudly at Sky’s face – which is something rather worth seeing.

            “Look, I was just wondering – ”

            “Ryne, this is me.” he paused, regaining his composure in spite of his friend still laughing in the background. “It’s not my fault people find it too hard to believe.”

            “Yeah, yeah. You’re really glorious and all that.”

            Xavia chuckled. “He always has this ego. It’s completely normal.” I leaned my head on the back of the couch. “Yeah, I’ve noticed. It’s a wonder I survived.” He looked at me. “You’re exaggerating.”

            “Actually, I’m not. Imah saved my life.” I said, obviously clear in my tone was the fact that I miss her. Xavia’s eyes seemed to be reminiscing. “I haven’t seen her for weeks.”

            I nodded. “I know the feeling.” Sky rounded on me. “You just met her yesterday.”

            “It feels like damned decades. And I’m not actually used to living in isolation from the rest of the world.” Except for clingy receptionists, that is. Xavia blinked and asked, 

            “Imah was here yesterday?” she raised a quizzical brow at Sky. He seemed to hesitate and said uncertainly, “I’ll fill you in later. We – ”

            I interrupted. “If you guys wants some privacy, you only need to ask.” I started standing up, but they held me back simultaneously. Xavia smiled and said, “We’ll move out, okay? We’ll be back in a second.” They stood up and got out of the room. As they moved outside the doorway, I saw that the door was open a sliver. I instantly stood up, tiptoeing towards it. But then – but just then – the handsome devil glanced at me from outside, then put both hands on his hips and raised an eyebrow like the interrogator he is.

            So much for sneaking out.

            I went back to the couch, sulking. Though I can’t deny meeting Xavia was a relief – at least I have another human being I could interact with. I started remembering home, the forever familiar to the bedroom, to the dining. Dash’s doghouse and afternoon walks with Carsh. I miss those blue eyes of his so much. Now I know what Sky meant at the Marquette when we sat at the bench – that it depends on Carsh himself if he wanted to see me still.

            It made absolute sense. Why would he want to be involved with me again? A former Mafia leader wants me for same unknown reason, for God’s sake. That should be enough to drive anyone away. I released a small sigh and my eyes became sober as I sunk in to the reality of the predicament I am in.

            This sucks. Unbearably. Big time. If we ever meet again I’ll just let things sort out by themselves.

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