Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Chapter 7: The middle guy

Chapter 7: The middle guy (Wattpad)

He still had that look on his face. And me - I was cowering from him. An angry Sky La Brea wasn't a sight to behold, even if that was his name. He didn't say anything, but the next thing I knew, he was carrying me like I'm a sack of rice.

"Hey!" Shit! What right does he have to do this?! "Let me GO!" I tried my best to hold my glasses to my face, because he was running ridiculously fast.

"Where the hell are you taking me?!”

No answer.                            
"Fuck you!"

Still none. I screamed in frustration. I had enough of people dragging me around like a stupid puppet! Then, sunlight burned my eyes. What the fu- Then from my peripheral vision, I saw the tires and bodies of cars passing through us. Oh no. We're at the parking lot. He was taking me away - probably far away, that I can't - Oh my God.

Carsh. My home. Dash! I started struggling again. This time, though, he was annoyed.

"Stop squirming and stay still! Just trust me, I'm doing this for you."

"Trust you? Trust? You?! You've got to be fucking kidding - "  He huffed then continued running.

"Did you even hear me?!"

Then he slowed down and stopped by a car. A red Ferrari. He let me stand on my own two feet. Finally. But he still held firm hands on my petite shoulders. He opened the shotgun seat and forced me in.

"Wait! What are you - Carsh will kill you -  MY DOG IS JUST SEVERAL STEPS AWAY FROM ME AND YOU CAN'T - "

He pulled a silver object from his breast pocket as I was inside.


"Fucking no!" I screamed. I squirmed away from him all the way into the driver's seat. Nonetheless, he caught my wrists.

"What do you think you're doing?!"

I cannot believe this is happening. This must be some bad nightmare. It has to be. Then he spoke,

"Look, please shut up. I can't do anything about your boyfriend or anything else you want. But I can handle your dog."

Bloody he-

He handcuffed one of my wrists to the wheel. My face was overcome with mixed emotions. He said,

"Stay here." then closed the car.

Stay here? He's a lunatic! I'm handcuffed to the car. I can't go anywhere! Crap! Just crap! No one says anything to me. NO ONE. I shook my wrist out of pure aggravation. Why does it have to be like this? I tried reaching for the car door with my other hand. I opened it.

Or rather, tried to.

The thing wouldn't budge! I did it again. Again. And again. I kicked his precious Ferrari in rage. The damned guy is kidnapping me, that's what. They must be crazy - why me?! I kicked his car again, harder this time.

I heard a familiar bark to my right, a far distance away.


He was in Sky's arms and they're making their way to the car, fast. Sky kept looking over his shoulder. I found out why when he opened the car door and the sounds of the parking lot came rushing in to the car, though one sound dominated all the others.


Something licked my shoulder. "Dash." He went to my lap and curled up. Sky then released my handcuffs, only to tie it under my seat. Shit. This guy is impossible. He saves Dash, then goes back to being a complete asshole. The middle guy. I hugged Dash tightly with one hand. Then Sky started the engine.

           "We need to go."

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