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Chapter 31: Week one

Chapter 31: Week one (Wattpad)

In a short time and with minimal nagging involved, Sky was back to his original self. The hey-I’m-Sky-La-Brea-therefore-kneel-before-me self.

Awesome, right?

The weird thing is, in a way, it really is. He seems so… I don’t know. Fragile, I suppose, when the forbidden subject is involved. Better not to push my luck for the day. We played with the iPad a gazillion times and afterwards – when the thing is already out of battery – he quizzed me on the D.I.Y. I was actually pretty good. This is much more fun than world history, anyway.

“Okay, next question – ”

“Can we take a break?”



We had another round that lasted for about 30 minutes then we went to the kitchen, made a fruit salad and ate like the world would end tomorrow. I was looking forward to all the days spent like this one when he just had to ruin the moment and say, “Savour what you have now, Ryne. Tomorrow, we’ll have a new diet.”

“A new what?”

He looked at me and shifted in his chair so he was facing me more. “Die-yet.” he pronounced it by syllable like I was a dumb person who couldn’t comprehend. I started to open my mouth, but he was faster. “This is what people do when they – hey!”
“Did you say something?”

“You threw a bread crumb at me! A big one.” I giggled. “If you’re going to throw something, you have to do it with more than zero efficiency, I think.” I shook my head. “So much for a person who throws bullets at crazy speed – ”

“Bread crumbs are very different from bullets. So shut up.” A few minutes later, the dishes were clean, as well as the table and we are already drying our hands. I looked around the kitchen and out to the doorway to the living room. I bit my lip as a childish idea came to my head. I faced Sky, but before I could even speak, he went first,

“You have that look on your face. What are you planning?” I expected him to be like a father scolding his children for being too rowdy but now, I see in his expression that he was up to the challenge – whatever it is. I grinned up to him.

“It’s just simple, really.” I said, holding his elbow and guiding him so he was facing the open doorway like I was. His gaze was on me then.

“A race?” he asked, eyes sparkling.

“Aye, Captain.” I said, letting go of his elbow and preparing myself for the first long sprint. He prepared too and said, “On my count?”


“Three, two… one.”

I ran ridiculously fast and I felt him by my side, almost gaining on me. Oh no, you don’t. I dodged the dining table and went first outside of the doorway, but something held me back. Like, literally. A pair of arms was around my stomach, preventing me from moving. Sky dragged me back. What the – 


I clawed on his arms, my feet gliding on the smooth floor. I heard his laugh quite loudly – because his damned head was next to mine. I said again, “I won, you sore loser – ”

“Loser? I didn’t lose. I think this is a technique.” he chuckled. I grabbed the counter with one hand and he stopped moving. 

“I can’t even feel the floor!” He laughed again, but more boisterous this time. “You are what polite people call petite – ” Really. I grew up with the entire world teasing me about my height. I’m simply vertically-challenged, thank you very much.
“Just let me go you freak – ”

Instead, he tightened his grip on my body and craned his  head to face mine. “Did you know that it’s the first time I’ve been called a freak in my life? Handsome, yes, quite a lot. Hot, oh, all the time. But freak?” 

That is utterly impossible. “Are you – ”

“No, I’m not.” he replied, all smiles. “You didn’t even know what I was saying!” I complained. “And let go of me.” I flailed my arms and legs. He just made matters worse – as he always does – and went to the doorway, with his long arms around me. And it’s freaking uncomfortable. 

“Sky… I give up. What the bloody hell can I even do.” I whined as he led me to the living room. Then instead of responding, he carried me bridal style and went rushing to the bedroom.
“Do you know what the word ‘fast’ means?”

He laughed as he closed the door shut with his foot, in result, startling the sleeping Dash on the living room, behind the sofa – his new favourite spot. Sky stopped and looked at me, an eyebrow raised. 

“Why aren’t you screaming?”

I just patted my stomach for explanation. He seemed confused.

“You’re pregnant?”

“No! You are so aargh!”

He giggled like the child that he is and gently set me on the bed. I sat up immediately and took off my sandals. Then he came crawling to the bed next. 

“What the hell are you planning?” I asked. I grinned that I feared his cheeks would split because it’s so wide. Before I knew it, he was tickling me by the sides of my stomach with both hands.

My greatest weakness.

“Oh my – oh my god!” I laughed like there’s no tomorrow and I squirmed away from him, glasses slipping from my face, but he pulled me back to him using my feet. This time he attacked my neck.

“No – damn you – ” God, I can’t breathe. I heard his laugh then. I tried to push his hands away, but he wouldn’t budge so I just held them tightly, keeping them away from me while I tried to catch my breath. I lay down completely and still held his hands  while he squatted and grinned down one me. 

“Mission complete.”

I bought myself a few more seconds and interlocked my fingers with his. Payback time. I pushed him down on his back, using our joined hands to do it.


I laughed idiotically and put my legs on either side of him. “You’re definitely going to pay for that, La Brea.” I laughed then let go one of his hands and tortured him as well. That serves him right.

“Fuck! Stop it – ”

He squirmed away from me and held both of my wrists in one hand, half-laughing and breathing fast and hard. Then he reached behind me and opened the drawer by the bed and brought out…


Oh no. I turned to him, eyes wide, but at the same time, anticipation surged through me. He laughed loudly. “I missed using this.” Then he practically went hunting for me with both hands. The crazy struggle went on for five minutes and seven bumps on the head later, I found myself pinned down by Sky’s body on the bed.

“Go to hell.” I said as fiercely as I could while laughing. He cuffed me, and chuckled exhaustedly himself. “Same to you.”

“Admit it, you’re tired.”

He looked at me. “Who the hell wouldn’t be? You fight like a demon.” I laughed at his face. Oh God. I’m so tired. It’s been a long time since I’ve done that. “Am I heavy?” Sky asked. I smiled, responding, “Not that much.” He grinned wider and placed his head around the circle of my handcuffed arms. I laughed and said, “What are you doing?”

He chuckled himself. “Revenge” Then he buried his face on the side of my neck and rubbed his nose there. I squirmed beneath him, laughing. Damn being ticklish. “Go away, Sky.” I meant that to be a sign of anger but it was followed by a violent giggle so I don’t think he got the message. I tried to move from where I was but he only pressed me deeper into the mattress. He laughed then, with his head still on the crook of my neck. “This isn’t funny at all.” I whined tiredly. The torturer seemed to be tired himself and just relaxed his head, forehead on the fan of my chaotic hair. I stole a few more moments to calm my erratically breathing heart and my breaths. Never again.

The next second, he did the trick again, rubbing the tip of his nose more effectively. I laughed like hell. God, help me. I heard a chuckle of his own as he stopped but two seconds later – two short seconds later – I felt his right hand grasping my shoulder and his other hand gripping my waist. He didn’t speak but turned to my neck again. Instead of doing what he had done earlier, he started kissing my neck. Slowly.

I felt the shivers go along from my neck all the way to my spine. What the hell is he doing? I tried my damnest to speak – believe me, I did – but something seemed to be stuck in my throat. His chest was laid on top of mine and I was sure he could feel my racing heart. Oh no. 

He gently caressed my shoulder with his thumb, as he moved from the side of my neck to my throat. Oh God, no.

He kissed me there.

My heart was beating a million times faster now, as I felt his hot breaths on my skin. Damn this. He still didn’t speak and it was deathly silent. But the pounding of my heart seemed to reach my ears. His lips glided from my throat to the other side of my neck, and the hand on my waist moved to caress my neck on the other side. 

Fuck no.

 I moved my shaking, handcuffed hands to hold his head, feeling the soft raven-coloured hair on my fingertips and I felt myself aroused. No, no, no. I said, voice hushed,

“What are you doing?”

He paused, breathing hard himself and adjusted so he was up close to my face. His green eyes seemed glazed. Glazed with desire. For lack of words he just stared at me.
I asked, tentative. “Sky?” He blinked two times and replied with his voice unusually low. “I got carried away. Sorry.”

What an understatement. “It’s fine.” He still stared at me. God. Talk about awkward. What the fuck is going on. I tried again, “What were you thinking?” 

He smiled a little, as if enjoying a joke. “I wasn’t.” He shook his head slightly. “Wasn’t thinking.” I stared at him. This situation is really crap. But then a sudden epiphany struck me. I looked into his deep green eyes.

“I think I know.”

“Know what?”

My idea will be extremely weird. But here goes nothing. “Maybe you just feel… alone.” I paused, then immediately added. “Maybe we both do.” He smiled that damned smile of his again. “So alone that I’m that desperate?” I opened my mouth to respond but he didn’t seem to be waiting for a reply. “I didn’t mean it that way. Ryne, you’re really pretty and smart. And funny and alluring…” My brow creased and Sky drifted his  line of vision to my hair then he twirled a strand.

He stared at me then – chocolate brown meeting green. He pursed his lips. “So where do we stand now?” I gave a tiny, strangled laugh. “I have no idea. Where do we stand?”
His gaze turned to my lips and I froze. His eyes glinted and I just knew what he was planning to do. He solely leaned down and he was only an inch away when Dash banged and barked against the door. Sky growled.


I unfroze. God. I take it back. I don’t want to be kidnapped ever again. I just want to go back to my house. I want Carsh back. I want normal. Sky looked tired and spent as he rolled off me. I breathed again properly and I grabbed a pillow, covering my face with it, wishing I can just crawl into a hole and die.

            Week one is insane.

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