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Chapter 5: Dead start

Chapter 5: Dead start (Wattpad)

Part I :

Since I just vowed to make my life as normal as possible, why not start now, right? I decided to go shopping and play with Dash at the park afterwards. We got to the mall and because "no pets allowed inside" -

"I'm sorry, Dash. You'll have to stay here in a while." he looked at me with an expression that plainly said, How could you? as I left him tied outside.

Once I was inside, a sense of normal-ness started overwhelming me. Now, this is what I need. I'm a normal person at a normal place. The first store I went to is the bookstore. I smiled as soon as the smell of pages and the sight of bookshelves greeted me. I rushed up to the fiction ones and started scanning the titles for something that caught my interest. All the while, oblivious to the pair of eyes that were watching me.

I purchased five thick books when I was done - yes, five. That is actually very few for me. Then after drinking a little bit at Starbucks, I went to buy clothes - I've been needing some new ones for a while. I checked the pre-teens section for clothes my size. I was actually having a bit of fun, especially when I spotted a blue sweater that's really perfect for me. Up until that time, ignorant of the new five pair of eyes on me. One said through his comm device on his collar -

"We've got her."

Part II :

The five started to close in on me, though I hardly noticed it. But by a streak of fate, I had the intuition to go to the cashier area. Three ayes looked angry, two were tired. When I purchased my sweater - the last normal thing I would ever get to do - all hell broke loose.


Then the screaming came. Then, the next instant, I saw them. Horror washed through my whole being as I saw the five high-calibre guns pointed straight at me.

Oh my God.

My breaths came in short gasps. Dear God, what did I do? One guy started closing in on me, his eyes very impatient. I saw so scared. I was shaking. There was nowhere to run. They completely surrounded me. The person had his gun pointed at my forehead now, I can feel the cold metal touching my skin. he said with a very deep, satisfied voice,

"Goodbye, poppet."

He pulled the trigger.

Part III :

I don't exactly know what, or how it happened. I wasn't sure of anything at all, at the moment. I have trouble breathing properly, especially when the man fell at my feet.


Feelings overwhelmed me; relief, horror, fear - especially fear. The other four - two guys and two women - stared at me. After recovering from her shock, one of the girls pointed her gun at my face.

"You, bitch!" she screamed.

It wasn't me! Horror gripped my chest tightly again, only ten times worse. The dead man's blood started pooling around my feet. Oh, God. I wanted to vomit. The woman was shaking like me, only it was out of pure rage. I can see the hatred enamate from her grey eyes.

"You're going to pay for that, Cavanagh."

My eyes widened. What did she call me?

While the scene unfolded before his eyes, he adjusted his rifle at the grey-eyed woman. Ryne looked so scared. His eyes clouded in sympathy and protective anger. He'll get her out of here soon enough. Being careful not to be seen on his hiding place, he prepared himself for the big kill. He took a deep breath.

Let's do this.

Gunshots sounded throughout the vast space and bullets rained upon us. I didn't even have time to scream when the woman threw me behind the post with her for cover. She had me face the post and her arm was pinning me to it to stop me from an escape attempt. I heard her swear under her breath. I was so terrified and confused and struggling to get away from her.

"Stay still." she hissed viciously. But I didn't. I only did when I was already exhausted and drained. I gave up struggling against my captor.

Sky. I'm sure he's behind this somehow! Damn! So much for staying out of his freaking way. Maybe he's even one of the guys who's trying to kill me. Damn it.

The sounds of those damned gunshots stopped abruptly. It was deathly silent except for the concrete powder from the ceiling falling down to the hard ground. Are they dead? What the fuck is happening?  In my head, I was cursing and screaming, it's the only words that can be adequate for the current situation.

The woman behind me was tense. Where is everyone?! Then something stepped out of the shadows. Or rather someone. The woman dragged me away for another cover even before the three gunshots were fired. I heard the reloading of guns. the woman looked like she was thinking something over. Then she looked at me and said,

"Walk to the open space." her eyes were flaming. "Try anything funny, I will shoot your brain all over the floor, Cavanagh." That name again. She said it like it burned her tongue. I don't understand anything at all. Cavanagh? That name isn't even familiar to me.

I just promised myself to live my life normally again, away from guns and look at what's happening now. It was a dead start - the promise I made. I took a deep breath and followed the orders of the woman.

We were now out from our cover. The woman looked at the supposed hiding place of the shooter. She shouted,

"I know who you are! You better think twice about shooting, or your little fiend here is going to get hurt." She nudged me hard with her gun at my temple and she was gripping my shoulder so tightly it hurt.

"Come out, you bastard.' she said impatiently. Then he came out. I couldn't breathe.

Green eyes met mine.

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