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Chapter 18: Makes me think

Chapter 18: Makes me think (Wattpad)

It turns out that the building where we landed this morning was a magazine organization office. A closed magazine organization office. The Marquette was still full of light and sounds, in spite of the growing evening, with the first stars starting to appear on the night sky. The light posts were turned on, and there were white decorative lights on the branches of several trees all around. We were at the front of the entrance of the building – we can see the plane on the rooftop, actually.

I looked at Sky. “You didn’t check what their closing time is?” I said accusingly. 

“I thought you were going to say something nice!” he said. 

“I am nice. I’m just wondering how we’re going to get home.” I replied. “Home?” he asked, his eyebrows raised.

“Back. I’m just wondering how we’re going to get back.” I repeated. He nodded. “Yeah, me too. The receptionist will miss us.” I laughed. “You’re right.” I looked up to the roof once again. “So how are we going to get up there again?”

“Some buildings have emergency elevators or stairs – ” I interrupted him then. “All people know that Sky. What are you trying – ”

“We could use that emergency stuff you know.” he told me.

“We could use them through the inside. That’s why it’s called emergency for the people inside that piece of concrete.” He sighed. “I’m not good with structures, okay? I prefer guns.”

I rolled my eyes at that. “Wow. That wasn’t obvious.” he looked at me. “Maybe we should just go to the Marquette office and buy our souvenirs on the way.” I listened to him while looking at Dash chase what seemed to be a cricket. I said to Sky, “Are you sure they’re… you know. Safe people? I mean – ”

“Don’t worry. Imah checked them out. They’re good.” then he looked at me in the eye. “Unless you have a better idea?” 

“I don’t.” We started walking then. The sounds from the speakers weren’t pop and rock music like the ones this morning. They now played mellow and slow music. Instrumental. We passed through shops and people alike, both full of life. As I watched the vendors give their customers the change, a random thought occurred to me. “How much does your credit card have?” I asked Sky. “Cards, I mean.”

“Does it really matter?” he replied tiredly I sympathetically nudged his shoulder. “You did a lot today. You should go and sit on the bench. I’ll go to the office – ”

“Not on this planet, you don’t. Wherever you are, I’m there.” he made way for the bench. “We both should get some rest.” He said as we sat down. Dash barked lively, and I picked up a stick and threw it behind him. He went running to fetch it. 

“You knew I was trying to get away.” I said grumpily. 

“Yeah. Don’t do that again. Even if you do escape, I’ll come and find you.” I scowled at him. “Why don’t you just let me go? It’s not like I have money for you and you don’t have to take a complete stranger to extravagant places and get bushed.” When he looked at me, it was like he can see my very soul. “You’re not a stranger.” his looks said that he was not telling me everything, but I can sense that he was telling the truth.

“You don’t even know my nickname.” I defended. “And, no offense, but you’ve only laid eyes on me for three days. So I’m basically a stranger.” he looked away. “You’ll find out soon enough.” I scoffed. “Yeah right. Soon enough. If I heard correctly from Imah earlier, it’s goddamned months.”
“I’m only doing my job, okay? This isn’t even a part of it.”

“Which one?”

“Taking you to extravagant places and get bushed.” he said, imitating me earlier.

“I didn’t ask you to do that. You did that on your own – ”

He continued as if he didn’t hear me. “He said my only job was to get you safely and not to scare you.” 

“He? Like your boss or something?” I asked breathlessly. He replied, “Not exactly. He just, uhh,” he looked like he was trying to find the correct words to say, “he just hired me, so to speak.” Why in the world would someone do that? 

“So after you drop me off to him, you’re just going to leave? What if he kills me?” I asked unbelievingly. “He won’t kill you. He would never do that.” There’s only one person I knew on the outside who wouldn’t kill me.

“Will I see Carsh again?” I asked him. I miss him so much. My life feels so pathetic. He contemplated the thought before answering. “It depends on the person.” 

“Person? You mean your boss?”

“No,” he responded, looking at me. “Depends on Carsh.” I looked at him as if he’d gone mad. Of course Carsh would see me. Why wouldn’t he? Sky snapped his fingers near my face. “Forget what I said. This isn’t right, okay? I shouldn’t even talk to you, much less be your friend – ”

“We’re not friends, and you’re the one who started the talking and the flirting – ”

“He said to make you feel calm and normal as much as possible, what could I do?”

“Who’s he?”

“Enough. Let’s go back to our first condition – no questions.” 

“Do you know that you’re such a bipolar person?” I stared at him. “Whatever. Let’s just not talk to each other much from now on, okay? And I won’t take you out much either, this is just an exception. I panicked earlier; I don’t know why I planned to go here.”

“Figures.” I muttered, thinking about the closed office.

“Hey, watch it.” he looked at me threateningly. “You didn’t even say thank you.”

“Uhm, thank you?” I said uncertainly. He nodded and said, “Much better. Now, where is that zombie dog of yours, we have to get going.”

“He sleeps like one, you can’t deny it.”

“I think it’s charming.”

“Whatever.” he said. I’m getting sick of those words like “trust me” and “whatever.” I listened around for Dash but didn’t hear him, so I whistled and he came bounding to us with the piece of stick I threw earlier. I bent down to him and nuzzled his fur with my fingers.

             “Good boy, Dashy.” I held his leash. Just seconds later when we resumed walking, Sky suddenly said, “By the way, I know your nickname, Ry.”  

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