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Chapter 21: Mother of God

Chapter 21: Mother of God (Wattpad)

“He was the leader of a what?!”

He shook his head at the question like he was to amazed to believe it himself. “I know, it’s unbelievable.” I looked at Sky. “You act as if he’s a damned celebrity!” he turned to me excitedly. “Don’t you know what the Mafia does?”

“That’s exactly what I meant!”

This is absurd! And sick. A leader of a Mafia had me kidnapped and I’m going to fucking meet him. And then, he wants me to have fun?!
That is the most impossible thing I’ve ever heard!

I grabbed Sky’s elbow and shook him like it would erase that idolizing look on his face. “Sky, you’re joking right?”

He turned to me with wide eyes. “Joking? He’s probably one of the most dangerous people in the world! That’s why I chose this assignment in the first place and they picked me to protect you!” 

“Are you fucking kidding me?! One of the most dangerous people in the WORLD?!” 

He nodded vigorously. “I know! Even though he’s clear now, he’s still got hundreds of connections – ”

“What would this person do to me?!”

He seemed like a balloon that just burst. I slackened my grip on his elbow and I – I sneezed. 

“Relax, Ryne.” He said as he pushed me back to the cushions. “Look who’s talking.” I retorted, raising my eyebrow. He rolled his eyes and doesn’t seem to be embarrassed in the least. “The guy’s my idol. What can I do?” Then my sarcastic side kicked in. “Oh, I don’t know, Sky. Maybe you can just stop scaring the hell out of me. What do you think?” He grinned. “He’s not that scary.”

My jaw fell to the floor. “You suck so much on explaining!” 

“No! When you meet him, he’s not exactly a violent person – ”

“Not exactly?”

“He’s just intimidating, that’s all. Unlike the rumours about him before, that is.”

God, please help this guy.

“Sky,” I said helplessly, “you just make this more complicated with every word you say.”

“Let’s just say that he gave himself a second chance.” Oh, God.

“So, a Mafia leader – a dangerous Mafia leader – became a new person and fixed his ways, then ordered you to kidnap me, makes sure I was having a blast and tells you to hand me over to him.”

“Protect. Not kidnap. And for the record, this is my first assignment ever. So you – ”

“First?” I asked, mouth open.

“Why? Do I look experienced?” I sneezed and said, “Sort of. I mean, you were really kind a scary-looking person at first – ”

“Really? I was kind of aiming for that.” I scoffed. “You were also a bad actor. But congrats, anyway.” 

“Thank you.” he said, all smiles. There was a brief pause and I said, “You know, from what happened yesterday, it seems kind of obvious that you’re a beginner – ” 

“Huh?” he said, looking crestfallen. “That tiny little part when we just went off to the Marquette in a rush.” then I sneezed. “Which, apparently, caused this killer flu.” 

“Imah knew where we are. She has us covered.” He reassured.

“I think I have short term memory loss; I don’t remember using the devi – ”

“Now that you are temporarily harmless, I’ll just confess that the sandals I gave to you had a tracking device on them.” 


“You were too upset! My job was to – ”

“Yeah, yeah. I almost had it memorized, thanks.” After I said that, he smiled – a self-congratulatory smile. “So now you know my dilemma.” 

“Dilemma?” he sighed at what I said.

“Do you know that every time I say a word, you repeat it like it’s the first – ”

“There’s this thing called ‘shocking.’”

“My problem’s quite simple really. Remember that time after the rollercoaster ride – ”

“Oh, God. That was so – ”

“Awesome, I know. Now here, I meant what I said by the ‘you escape, I don’t find you, I’m dead’ part.” I looked at him strangely. “Should I be sorry?”

“Err, not really. He won’t like you being attached to me, so – ”

“The souvenir! Oh, now I get – ”

“Yeah, so remember, please don’t be charming.”

“Why do you always associate that word with me? I have no clue – ”

“I’m just being cautious, you understand right?” I turned the idea over and over in my head and surprisingly found the prospect of Sky’s position really… scary. Instead of answering his question, I asked one of my own.

“Aren’t you scared that I will escape and you won’t find me ever?” he looked at me then, beautiful eyebrows pitched up, his shoulders squared. 

            “My sentiments, exactly.”

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