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Chapter 10: The Rules

Chapter 10: The rules (Wattpad)

I was having a beautiful dream. I went to Hogwarts, got my wand, etc. But I was just choosing which broomstick to buy when my dream faded away harshly and I woke up just in time to see the muddled up image of the interior of the Ferrari and bump my head to the dashboard. Hard.

"Christ, I am so sorry! I didn't mean to step on the break that hard. Sorry, Ryne." I said something incoherent groggily. I'm still sleepy but I know it's close to impossible to go back to sleep. I touched my head. Just when the pain on the back of my head started to ease, another one comes into the picture. Ugh. Luckily, my glasses are still intact; I'm worthless without them.

"Are you okay? You did take the hit pretty hard. Do you need an ice pack? I met those emerald eyes and cold reality washed over me. Kidnap. Guns. People trying to kill me.

"I thought it was a dream." I groaned miserably.

"Which one?" he asked reaching for an ice pack. It's early evening now, I noticed, looking out of the window.

"You." I said, scowling at him.

He raised his eyebrows. "Am I that handsome?" he smiled widely. I scoffed at him. " You know, it's not exactly cool to think your kidnapper as handsome, as much less tell them about it."

He gave me the ice pack. "And I have a boyfriend." I said. He sighed dramatically. "Well, if you insist." he kept his attention to the road again. A normal being should be panicking about what will happen. But on the contrary, I avoid thinking about it at all cost - it just makes miserable. As well as thinking about everything I left behind. At least I have Dash, I thought.

He is still sleeping. I can't believe he can still do is hobbies while we're being taken away.

I looked at Sky. Having gone this far, I get the general feeling that he won't do anything to hurt me on purpose. He was much too nice, as much as I hate to admit it. I pressed the ice pack closer to my head.

I said to him for the sake of a decent conversation. "I would ask you where are we going, but I know you're not going to tell me that so I'll just use my imagination."

The side of his mouth turned up in an amused smile. "Where are we going according to your imagination?"

“The wilderness?" He looked at me weirdly, "What would we do in that place?"

I paused for a second  to think.

"You're going to meet up with some drug lords and sell me for ransom?" He laughed. "Drug lords are called drug lords because they deal with drugs." he chuckled lightly.

"Actually, we're going to a hotel." Did I hear him right? "To a what?"

"A hotel. You know, that big building with a  lot of rooms that you can - "

"Why are we going there?" I asked cautiously.

He caught my eye and somehow knew what I was thinking.

He smiled maliciously.

"Before we go to the hotel, we go to the mall and buy a couple of condoms - "

"What?!", I screamed loudly. He's joking!

"Hey! Hey! I was only kidding!" he said quickly. "Why would I - "

"How the hell would I know what you will or not do?!"

"You should know by now that I can't really hurt - "

"Whys should I believe you - "

"We're going to the hotel to get some rest, okay?" There was a pause.

I recovered quickly. "It would be nice if you just start telling what the truth is, instead of fooling around like an immature - "

"Hey, I can have a sense of humour if I want to."

"Your sense of humour isn't exactly humorous."

"Actually, a lot of people find me most charming." he grinned at me.

"Actually," I said, mocking his tone, "Maybe some people will find you perverted." He laughed again. "Well, maybe I'm a bit of both." I rolled my eyes at him. I can't believe my life depends on this guy.

An hour later.

"Almost there." he said. I looked around. Seriously? We're at another city, tall buildings are practically everywhere.

"No secret lairs and filthy garage?"

"Do I look that mean? I also get the feeling that you prefer a five-star hotel to a filthy garage." he smiled at me. Hotel? Five Star Hotel? "Are you joking again?" I'd better not get my hopes up.

"Why would I lie about it?" he said as he pulled over to a humongous building. Monte Carlo hotel.

"Well, here we are." I can't believe it. He wasn't lying. He casually opened his car door. "Uhm, aren't you going out?"

I did. We crossed the basement and a bellboy immediately intercepted us.

"Do you have any baggage sir?" he asked Sky. Maybe he didn't ask me because I was too busy staring at the exterior of the place. I've never been inside building the likes of these before. It's really huge. And very modernized. As I was admiring the hotel, I heard Sky respond. "No, thank you. You can take my sister's books, though."

Sister? The bellboy turned to me. "Ma’am.” his hands held out for the books.

"No, it's okay. I can - " Then Sky grabbed my books and passed them to the bellboy.

"Please, this way." then he led me us inside with my five books under one arm. I shot Sky a look and mouthed, Sister?! He went close to me and whispered, "What? Do you want to be my girlfriend?"

"Of course not!"

"Well, then. I really don't see the problem." he raised one of his eyebrows and continued, "Unless you find me attractive and - "

"Well, we don't look alike that's all! And I don't find you attractive. Go away." then I picked up my speed to get away from him. I suddenly felt a strong hand holding my left wrist.

"What are you doing?!" I said through clenched teeth. I'm also too busy seeing the inside that I wish I have eight eyes, but would he let me? Oh no. Not at all! He had to ruin it, just like everything else. The inside was very luxurious. Elegant yet simple at the same time. The lobby was vast and you can see the lilies in handmade pot and the fountain. God, the fountain is so beautiful! The huge staircase is on the right but there are elevators. We were led to the direction of the front desk and behind it was a pretty receptionist.

"I'm just making sure that you don't escape. My grip isn't even tight." he said quietly.

I was shocked; the thought of escaping hadn't even occurred to me. Mother of God, what's wrong with me? I panicked for a second but I calmed myself down. I will escape. I will. And I bloody well should. Sky may be nice sometimes, but still. This is all wrong . I'll just have to time it perfectly and sort of gain his trust first.

I congratulated myself for a very good plan. This is necessary, I thought, thinking of Carsh. I dropped back to reality when we reached the desk.

"Good evening, may I help you?" asked the receptionist, flashing a smile. At Sky. Like I was invisible.

"The master suite please." Sky said, smiling in return. The guy was flirting, damn it.

"One second." the she typed some stuff on her keyboard and then said, "Room 5007 is available, sir. Just sign here.” After everything had been taken care of, she said, “The bellboy has the key. Have a pleasant evening." But the expression on her face said otherwise - like she doesn't want Sky escaping from her clutches. Such a leech. I was glad to get away from her. Sky said to the bellboy, "We can manage, thanks. I'll take the books." Then then got the keys and turned to me. "Come on, sis."

Really. He's taking his role too seriously. We went to the elevator and joined the crowed inside. Woman inside who wore heels, designer dresses and makeup looked at me from head to toe. I felt so ridiculous. Stupid and undressed. Who wears a tattered jeans and t-shirts to a five star hotels, anyway? The terminator I could handle, but now- I'm basically at enemy territory. then suddenly, i felt a warm arm holding me close. I looked at Sky, outraged. But he wasn't looking at me.

"Excuse me. what are you looking at?" he asked the ladies.
What the -

"Nothing." they all muttered in unison, silently staring at me. This feeling is the strangest of all feelings. The elevator opened with a ding sound on the fifth floor and the both of us went out. As soon as we were out earshot, I faced him.

"Did you just - "

"Yeah, i just did. Problem?" he interrupted me. Then we continued walking, his arm still around me. We passed through a few doors before we found ours - 5007. Sky opened the door and shut it immediately once we were inside.

"Thank you." I said. Even people like me has some manners.

"Anytime." he smiled at me tiredly. Then said, "Do you want anything to eat? There's room service if you - “

"OH MY GOD" Shit! I can't believe I've been so stupid!

He pulled his gun out, dropped my books and the keys to the floor and pulled me behind him in a protective stance in just a matter of seconds. "What did you see?"

"Dash!" I shrieked.

His eyes widened in realization. "God I can't believe we forgot about him! Just stay here. Stay here okay?" he looked at me in the eye. "I mean it. I'll go find him." He ran to the door and went out. 

What kind of owner am I?! I'm so irresponsible and careless! I hate myself. I faced the room and dropped down on the couch, wallowing. I can't focus on the elegance of the room and much less see the entire suite. I'm such a disgusting human being. In a few minutes, I got worried. Where's Sky? I bit my lip, impatient. Are dogs even allowed here? Stupid, stupid Ryne. A few minutes more and the doorknob started to turn. I saw Dash trotting towards me. I sighed in relief. Then I dropped to me knees and hugged him.

"Dashy! Learn to wake up once in a while okay?!" I looked over at Sky.

"Sorry it took so long, I had to uh, deal with the receptionist first. No pets allowed, you see." he explained.

"Thank you, again Sky. Really." He chuckled. "It was nothing. I still can't believe we forgot him, though." But before we go to sleep, I'll have to tell you the rules first."

"Rules? You have rules? You're not going to tie me up and torture me or something?"
As I predicted he looked offended, "I am not mean, okay? Just trust me when I say I'm here to protect you." he continued, "Actually there's only three rules. First, no contact, to anyone. And I mean anyone. Even your boyfriend."

I pouted at that last sentence. I started to say something, but he interrupted me as always.

"You want to involve him? Fine. Go ahead." he smiled. Damn.

"Fine! What's the next one?" I said irritably. he seemed to be amused by that.

"Don't try to escape." I looked at him in the eye. Now that rule, I would have to break. It's completely irrational, not to mention insane, to stay here and just follow him like a stupid puppet. I'll just have to figure out how without involving anyone.

"If you do try to escape, I will take Dash away from you and hold him for ransom." he raised one of his eyebrows. He's bluffing. I stared at him. Then at Dash.

"You're bluffing." I said. "You won't do that, you said so yourself that you don't use dirty tactics like that." he looked at me, challenged.

"I don't use dirty tactics like invading other people's privacy by racking them down through phones calls - I believe that's what I said." I looked at him skeptically.

"So you're going to hood hostage an innocent Golden Retriever so a nerdy 17-year old would come waltzing back to you?" He chuckled. "Basically, yes."

"How exactly can you steal Dash away from me?"

"If I tell you, then it wouldn't be stealing anymore, would it?" he smiled.

I’ll just figure out something later. I know I can.

"The last one is...?"

"Oh yeah. Both of us keeps an eye on Dash before going anywhere from now on." I can’t believe I laughed at that.

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