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Chapter 2: Guns and roses – literally

Chapter 2: Guns and roses - literally (Wattpad)

Part I :

The day was passing by quickly. Nothing was out of normal that I could see. But I have this really creepy feeling that something's going to happen. Something bad.  I really don't know. But I learned once to always trust your instincts. But really, all I can see is Corky being midway-decent for once.

"Settle down, settle down." Professor Harp said as he strode into the room. Professor Harp is new here at Anderson High, but everyone loves him, even the rebel people - he's the kind of teacher who gives free time and allows the students to fool around. So there you go. But now, I noticed something amiss - he looks excited. Very excited. Carsh noticed this, too. We exchanged puzzled looks. I sense something coming.

Professor rubbed his hands together and said, "Before I make the big announcement, Corky, please fix yourself. We don't wear socks like bonnets." The class chuckled. And Corky just smiled goofily and put on his socks.

"Okay, then. Everyone, as you all know, we don't normally accept new students once we've started the school year. But hence," he spread his arms widely. "There's always an exception."

That was it? That? I expected something more, I admit. Something... spontaneous.
"They just moved into the neighbourhood so now, help me welcome Sky La Brea."

The moment he entered the room, it seemed like time stood still. All the girl's eyes were the shape of saucers and even the guys seemed frozen. Mother of God, he's gorgeous. Like supermegafoxyhot  gorgeous. No wonder Professor was acting the way he was. He smiled uncomfortably. GOD. He should be illegal.

"Sky, this is section A5. Guys, this is Sky.' Professor Harp said as he recovered. "You know Sky, you could say hi."

He's joking. It looks like he wants us to die of shame.

"Um. Hi." Damn. He's so... indescribable. That's it, indescribable. The guy has raven-colored hair and piercing green eyes. He is tall and athletic-looking. Not huge, just fit. Like he eats rocks for breakfast. Or something like that. He has sexy broad shoulders and a good build. And I'm sure behind that snug turtleneck is a glorious chest. Maybe even abs. Like I said, athletic. He wears glasses that makes him look cooler - not nerdy. Poor me. Does he live to mock my life? I thought miserably. The class mumbled a "hi" that sounded like a ferret drowning.

"Well, Sky. You can sit over there. Beside Corky and behind Ryne. The one with the glasses."

Seriously? After all the years I've been here, that describes me? That's just cruel. Then all the girls eyes were firing nuclear stares at me. They seemed to be saying, This is your fault.

My fault? It's not my fault that the guy is so freaking that he could already pass for Superman. Bitter people. I scowled on my desk as the new guy walked towards his place with a swagger that made the girls drool. Carsh suddenly leaned and whispered to me, "Don't mind them."

I smiled at him then, and mouthed a thank you. I saw him smiling, then I suddenly thought that I don't need new boy swagger when I had Carsh.
How very wrong I was.

Part II :

I would never find things out until later. Much, much later. Before I knew it, the dull ringing of the bell was heard all over the campus and the students never spared a second more in their rooms. Well, that's life. Me and Carsh stayed at the school for a few more hours, just walking together on the grounds, on the field and the race track.

"The new guy, Sky. He's something isn't he?" he asked me. We were going towards the exit gate by now. I laughed at that and said,

"I think the Terminator will know have a poor guy to chase."

He laughed out loud. "I can't believe I didn't think of that!" he chuckled. But he suddenly stopped and faced me, with his hands on my waist.

"I won't see you for two days, though." he pouted.

I giggled, he's like a baby. "You know what? After your visit, we can go somewhere special."

"Sounds like a date" his eyes sparkled. Always the opportunist.

"Okay then, that's settled." I tiptoed up to him and kissed his cheek.

"Love you, Carsh."

"I love you, too." then he seemed to hesitate. "And, uhm, since I won't see you tomorrow, I'll just make the most of this." Slowly, he leaned in to me and softly kissed my lips.

The butterflies in my stomach seemed to be playing tag or something.

Then he pulled away and gave me a single rose. He smiled. I thought life couldn't be more perfect at that moment.

I was on the pavement. Just several minutes after Carsh said goodbye. The feeling was back again, not unlike what I felt this morning before class; that's something's going to happen. I walked faster, convincing myself that I'm not paranoid. Very subtle, Ryne. Then my heart stopped beating for a split second. I noticed something moving out of the corner of my eye.


What the bloody hell. I started to feel relaxed. It was just Sky. And he didn't even see me yet, just rummaging something in his bag. Then I saw what he was holding - a gun.


I can't believe this. My eyes aren't functioning properly. I must be going crazy. Then he spotted me. His face morphed in to one of utter shock.

I didn't think. I couldn't even think. My mind just screamed to me that he has a gun in his hand and I ran. As soon as I did, adrenaline surged through my body and made me sprint faster. My mind is clouded with questions and cursing and I never ever let myself to look back even for a second. My only thought was just to fucking get away from him.

A few minutes passed, and I already see people. Thank you, Lord. They were staring at me weirdly. I couldn't blame them. I must be a complete mess and my hair wasn't helping matters. I was breathing hard and now I allowed myself to look.

He wasn't around.

Wasn't he following me or was he just left behind in the chase? I didn't take the chance to find out, I joined the crowd of people making their way across the street with the red light of the traffic sign on. A million thoughts were pestering my mind and I don't know which one to answer first. Luckily, I now calmed down enough to remember my way home. At least he wasn't after me. He's not, right? I mean, who would try to do something with me in their right state of mind? I don't have much money for starters and I obviously don't have credentials.

As I had these thoughts, I noticed that i just walked past my house. Smooth. I walked towards the front door slowly, then I heard a loud sound. I screamed.

It was Dash.

DAMN THIS. I need to get a grip. Dash trotted towards me and I hugged him. "You scared me, Dashy." Then I retrieved my key from under the potted plant on the right of the door. As soon as I was in, I turned on all the lights and checked all the rooms, just in case. Then I almost flew to my bedroom and flopped face down on the bed. This is insanity. I knew something was going to happen! UGH. I removed my shoes and socks and squatted at the middle of the bed. Dash put his bug, furry head on my lap.

"I had a very creepy day, Dash."

I should decide what to do tomorrow. Yes, I really should. I don't think I can handle this, and with Carsh away, the timing couldn't be more perfect to scare the - wait.


            I grabbed my phone and my hands seemed to blur as I typed in his number. I put the phone to my ear. It rang. Come on, Carsh, pick up.

And rang.

I felt like my chest has been squeezed be metal then -


Oh, God. Thank you. I almost cried with relief and I took a deep breath before responding,

"Yeah, Carsh. It's me."

"Ryne! I was just going to call you, but my phone just started ringing." he paused. "Are you okay? You sound a little bit off."

"It's nothing really. Just tired." I knew he didn't believe me, though. He said, "We'll take about it as soon as we land okay?"

"Sure." Then I heard through his line the sound of the intercom on the airport making an announcement.

"Sorry, Ryne. I have to go now. I love you, okay?"

"Love you, too."

"It'll be alright. Take care." The line went dead. Take care. The irony was in my face. Looking around my messy room, I felt somewhat okay with the face that I didn't involve Carsh in this - whatever this is. That would just be entirely mad. But then what -

Oh. My. God.

            I am so STUPID. The cops! What the bloody hell. Whatever's going on, it is completely their business and I just have to tell them that. I feel so ridiculous. Nice going, Ryne. I grabbed a pair of slippers, whistled for Dash to follow me and went out of the house, taking the key with me. I checked the doorknob two times before setting out.

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