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Chapter 12: Computer Friend

Chapter 12: Computer friend (Wattpad)

I woke up properly this time. Wednesday, I thought. I looked for my glasses and found a clock on the bed side table, 9:00 am. When I faced my right side, all I saw was a messed up blanket and sheets. I jumped of the bed, got a pair of comfy slippers and went out of the bedroom.

What I saw on the sitting room was the last thing I ever thought of finding. There were high levels gadgets, everywhere. And spying devices, that kind of stuff. Then there were the two sets of laptops and PCs. Where the hell did all of this come from? Then piled orderly on the top of a low cabinet were guns of all shapes and sizes. 

I do not like this at all.

"Good morning." Sky greeted me, green eyes smiling lively. He was having a cup of coffee. And he wasn't alone. Beside him was a friendly looking blonde, who was having a coffee the same as Sky. They were at the round table at the middle of the room, with Dash chewing something that looked like a boomerang once, Sky said to me; "Ryne, this is Imah, Imah, Ryne." he introduced, complete with hand gestures. I went to sit with them, Dash licking my ankles and barking. Imah looks like the complete opposite of the grey-eyed woman from yesterday. She has her hair in a bun, but she didn't look severe by doing it. She looks neat and presentable and very smart. And in case, you're wondering, her name is pronounced "eem-ma." Such an unusual name, I thought. Then she smiled at me.

"Hello, Ryne! Sky told me all about you, that I feel as if we're friends already!" she said cheerfully. "No need to shake my hand, I don't like formalities." she laughed lightly. "And I really love your dog! He is so cuddly and well trained. Dash is his name right?"

Wow. She really is friendly. I looked at Sky and he caught my expression and said, "Don't be shy. Imah's always like this." he smiled. I faced her.

"Sky told you about me?" I asked tentatively.

"All about you! I didn't know your favourite food is - " Sky interrupted her.

"I did not tell you all about her. I just told you that - "

"Same thing Sky." Imah laughed. He rolled his eyes. He faced me.

"I'll make you a cup of coffee while you two talk about me behind my back, all right?" I chuckled.

"Thanks." I said. Then he went to the location of the kitchen and Imah turned to me quickly.

"So", she said, her eyes glittering. "I heard you have a boyfriend. Is that true?" I blushed then responded.

"Yeah. His name is Carsh."

"So Sky wasn't lying?!" she said, surprised. "He told me the exact same thing. Carsh Meyers, right?" she asked, but didn't wait for an answer.

"He even described him to me, but I didn't believe him." for some reason, she looked disappointed.

"Uhmm, why do you look so disappointed?" She seemed to hesitate and curled her finger around a strand of her hair on the side of her face.

"Well, I was kind of hoping that Sky would like you and vice versa, so - " She stopped speaking as soon as we head him coming.

"Done backstabbing me?" he asked good-naturedly ash he set down my cup of coffee in front of me and sat down. I couldn't believe what I just heard. That's about the stupidest thing I have ever heard! I suddenly felt homesick as I noticed the color of Imah's eyes. Blue. Like Carsh's. I miss him so much. He would be wondering where I am now, call my phone a million times and find out I wasn't home when he returns from his family trip. I looked around the place - guns, gadgets. I don't belong here.

I heard Imah respond, "We weren't talking about you, moron. We talked about girl stuff." she looked at me.

"And if you don't believe me, then ask Ryne." she said convincingly.

"Fine, I believe you. But please learn to keep your mouth shut." he said, sipping his coffee. Imah didn't respond, she just scratched Dash behind the ears. I turned to Sky "Do you have something worth hiding, then?" I asked, smiling. Imah laughed.

"Yeah, he does! You're a smart one, Ryne." then she looked at Sky, "Hey! I can blackmail you now!" She giggled, with Dash on her lap.

"Blackmail me, later. tell her what you need to tell her before I throw you out." Imah pouted. "Fine" she muttered. Then she turned to me. "What he meant is I will be your computer friend from now on." she said.

"Computer friend?" I asked, confused.

She smiled. "Yeah, computer friend. I make sure no one finds the both of you while you're out there and I tell you which place is safe, if you have an enemy in the vicinity, etc." Sky looked at her. "You forgot to tell her the most important one." Then Imah sat up straight. "Oh right! I get to do all of those things through computers and I just tell you both through comm devices!"

"Not that one!"

"Which - OH. yeah. I also make sure that you don't escape." she looked at me, sympathetic. "I'm sorry, Ryne. But we have to do this. You'll thank us once this is all done, trust me." then she smiled at me. I heard that before.

"So", I said, "this crazy thing will go until...?" she looked excited as she said,


Sky choked on his coffee. And I felt as if the world's going to end tomorrow.
"Are you serious?"

"She's not!" said Sky, still coughing. He gave her a look that said bugger off. Imah laughed and said, "You two are so serious! Come on! Now wonder you don't get along pretty well." Then she drank her coffee leisurely.

Sky turned to me."Don't mind her. She's always like that. I think her mom dropped her when she was a baby." She ignored him "Anyway, it's only for a few months. You may get to spend your birthday being on the run from killers, though." he told me.
Wait. "How did you know when my birthday is?" I asked him suspiciously. Imah popped up before Sky even opened his mouth.

"Because you have the same birthday!" God. That is not true.

"Imah, shut up." Sky said.

"Well, it's true! Do you expect me to lie?" she defended herself. What the hell?
I asked them both. "Are you telling me that your birthday" I looked at him. "is on the 15th of November too?" I asked skeptically. Who could blame me?! It's a million odds to one that you and your kidnapper/protector/whatever has the same date of birth.

Imah siad, "Yes! Tell her, Sky! Remember that one birthday of yours where we tried to push you off a bridge - "

"You what?!" I exclaimed.

She laughed. "Oh yes! It was hilarious!" Sky rubbed his temples. "You two are giving me a headache. And, yes. We have the same birthday. Happy, Imah?"

"I'm always happy!" she said.

"Just explain to her what happens now, so you can go along." I suddenly felt sad. Imah's leaving? "You're not going to stay?" I asked her.

"No I'm sorry." she didn't look happy for once. "I'm useless with guns and I won't be able to help you much if I travel with you. I'll have to stay through comm devices, like i said earlier." She gave me a comm device in a little plastic with a closed seal.

"I'll be able to talk to you using this - " she started to explain. But then I said,

"I know how it works, you don't have to explain." I told her.

"Ah yes. Sorry. I forgot." Forgot what? I scrutinized the both of them.

"Why do I get the feeling that you know a lot of stuff about me?" I said.

For the first time, Sky beat Imah to the punch.

"Because we do."

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