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Chapter 9: Impossible puzzle

Chapter 9: Impossible puzzle (Wattpad)

He kept driving. And driving. And driving.

"You seem silent." I did not respond. I had the bloody right to be depressed. He turned to me then and said,

"Ryne?" he tried again. "Hey, I thought I was the deaf one." I ignored him. His face and stance looked tired all of a sudden. He reverted his eyes back to the road

"I had to do that you know. Those people earlier could come back and finish you off. That's how they found you at the mall."

"Oh please. By my cheap cell phone?"

"They're keeping track of you. They trace your calls and messages. If you call someone now or vice versa they can find you and finish their job." Then I looked at my sneakers and saw the bloodstains of the dead man's feet at the sides. "Why?"

"Why what?"

"Why do they keep of track of me? Why do they want to kill me?"

He said with an apologetic tone, "I can't answer that one. I'm sorry." At least he was being decent now. I f you can call being handcuffed to your own seat decent. A wonderful idea started popping in my mind.

"Uh, Sky? Sky's your name right?"

He looked at me weirdly. "Of course it is. What do you want?"

"I have a uh, sort of proposal for you."

He looked incredulous. "You want to marry me?"


"What?! No!"

"But you just said - "

"I have a proposition for you. Get it, British boy?"

He deflated. "Oh. I'm sorry. So, you were saying?"

I tried to erase the look on my face as much as possible and said, "How about I ask you questions - " He tried to interrupt me but I cut him off.

"Will you please just let me finish? I ask you then you answer selected ones. Just the ones you're allowed to. Frankly, I don't know if this makes any help, but whatever."

His eyes were back on the road, but I could tell he was considering it. This is strange, I thought. Screw people who scream when being kidnapped, i just proved them wrong. I almost grinned at the thought. Your ego's being a bastard again, I reminded myself. To keep myself sane, I followed his gaze out to the window. We were just passing through the borderline of the city, then I had a flash of what I was leaving behind - Anderson High, my home, Corky, even the Terminator. Professor Harp. And Carsh.

A pang of hurt made its way to me. I hadn't noticed that I've been too distracted with my thoughts when Sky said,

"Okay. I'll do it. But only three questions for now. After that, you're going to have to take a nap."

I don't know much about kidnapping, but I'm pretty sure that the kidnappers shouldn't give a damn about their captives sleeping habits.

"Why are you so weird for a kidnapper?"

"That's question number one. Okay then - "

"No, no, no! Scratch that. That wasn't even a real question - "

"Technically, it is. But if you say so." he shrugged. I knew nobody can be perfect. In spite of his almost god-worthy looks, he's as annoying as hell. I racked my brain for a question that he would most likely answer.

"You work for another person, don't you? That's why you..." I forced the words out of my mouth, though I would never ever repeat it again, "saved me from them, right?"

"Yes," After all the effort I just put into the question, he answers with one syllable. Just nice. I thought about his answer and found it wasn't so surprising. But, God. Who would do that? This is insanity. Then a troubling name crossed my mind.


I turned to Sky. "Cavanagh. Tell me something about Cavanagh." As soon as I mentioned the name, he tensed. I knew what he would say before the words were even out of his lips.

"Not that one, choose another question."

Darn it. I straightened my glasses. Then a memory came rushing back to me.
 "The gun?" He chuckled. "Yeah, that one you're not supposed to know that I'm not I'm keeping an eye on you. So yeah. I denied it. You did tell the cops, though" He chuckled again.

"It's not funny." I shot him a disgusted look. "I had to do something. For all I know, you're having a killing spree every night." he looked away from me at that comment.

I had an uneasy feeling at my spine. I meant that as a joke. He wasn't actually doing it, right?

"Last question?"

"Last one? Ever?"

"Don't be ridiculous." He said as I yawned. I blurted out the next question from my mouth, tiredly.

"How did you know where to find me? Are you tracing my calls, too?" He looked offended at that.

"I don't use dirty talents like that" he said, his nose wrinkled.

"I followed you out of the school in the first place. Actually, I follow you around a lot. You went to the bookstore earlier and - OH. That reminds me." He started grabbing something from the backseat and handed it over to me.

My books.

I looked at him. Such an impossible puzzle to solve. One second he was being an asshole, then the next, I have no idea.

"How did - "

"Enough questions. The deal was three, right? I don’t mean to offend you but, but you look like a zombie at the moment. You should get some sleep, we're still a bit far off, anyway."

As he talked, I felt my body obeying his voice, I'm really ready to crash but I made an effort to stay up one more second. “Dash?"

           "He's sleeping. You should, too." After the tough ordeal this day, I felt my eyelids getting heavy and closed my eyes. In a matter of minutes, I'm already asleep.

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