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Chapter 17: Dinner

Chapter 17: Dinner (Wattpad)

The rest of the day went smoothly, unlike the other… incident. We played at what seemed like millions of arcade games, bought Dash a dress – the silliest one we could find, and ate different delicacies. I have difficulty walking though, because I can’t look at Dash without bursting out to laughter. It was late afternoon now, almost 6pm and since we’re going back via the private plane, we decided to have an early dinner here.

Any shop with a decent menu would do. But Sky is so picky, he’s even worse than a grandmother. It was several more turns, walks and a few bumps to other people before we found a restaurant that gained his approval.

“Bella Notté?” I asked skeptically.

“Yes, problem?” he replied, opening the door for me and closed it when he and Dash were inside. For once, there is a place where dogs are allowed.

“Isn’t that from the Lady and the Tramp? You know the dogs?” He smiled. “Yes, it is. This place is nice. It’s my favourite.” he said as we sat on our table, marked number seven. There were candles and flowers at the middle of the table and the crystal chandelier from above shone merrily with warmth. The floor was tiled lavender brown and the place had the cozy and homey feeling that made you feel relaxed. I took the leash from Sky and tied it to the table underneath. I told Dash, “Behave, boy.”

Sky raised an eyebrow at me across the table. “You know dog talk?” I glared at him. “No, you dolt. I trained him.” I said proudly. 

“Don’t flatter yourself. Golden retrievers are easy to train.” he said. “Big difference.” I muttered as the waiter came to our table.

“Welcome to Bella Notté. May I take your orders?” I scanned the menu and found a tasty-looking fettuccini. “I’ll have this.” I said. The waiter turned to Sky. “And you sir?”

“Mushroom ravioli.” He smiled. The waiter smiled back. “Thank you. Your meal will be served in a few minutes.” Then he left. I quickly turned to Sky. “Don’t just go around and randomly smile at people. Especially guys, you make them gay.” He looked pleased. “It’s not my fault that I’ve been raised with this uniqueness.” 

I nodded. “Did you know that the politically correct term for pathetic is unique?” He scowled at that. “You’re making that up.”

“No, I’m not. Go ask my 6th grade teacher.”

“Whatever, Ryne.” he said as I chuckled.

“You’re fun to annoy.” he looked at me then. “That’s my line.”

“Technically, it’s not yours – ”

“Go away.” he pouted 

“I can’t. I’m bound.” I said, holding up the handcuffs. “Aww, baby Sky is so gwumpy – ”

“You sound like Samantha.”

“Samantha’s cute. So thank you, you flatter me.” He chuckled and for several moments, we fell into a comfortable silence. A few more minutes passed by when our meal arrived. It looked more appetizing now than it did on the menu. I started getting my fork, but then my right wrist was held back. I looked at Sky, than at our handcuffed wrist. 

“This was your brilliant idea.” He just shook his head at me, smiling slightly and released our wrists then we started eating, together with the drinks presented to us. As I ate, I noticed that soft area of my wrist was scabbed slightly and it was colour red. It looked about to bleed at any moment. Later, I thought.  The food was really good. I can now see why Sky likes this place. We were already halfway through our meal when he said, 

“You’re eating like there’s no tomorrow. Slow down.”

I laughed. “Sorry.” He smiled at me. And the next words out of his mouth were so surprising. “You think I’m a big-headed, arrogant prat for asking you to kiss me, don’t you?”

Yes, he was smiling. But his eyes were set and serious. I paused before answering. “I got over it actually.” I said cautiously. Then his emerald eyes and face became intensely sincere.

“I’m sorry.”

This guy is so confusing. “You don’t have – ”

“Actually, I do. I promise to avoid doing anything like that again.” I stared at him. “Why – ”
“I just don’t want you to have the wrong impression of me.” I never met a more bipolar person. He is so weird!

“You’re telling me this now?” he just shrugged. “Better late than never.” Then he fell silent. I looked at him hard. Mixed emotions are ridiculous. He’s so hard to figure out! After that, we ate our early dinner at a semi-normal atmosphere, and let Dash eat the dog food we brought him earlier. He looks comical with his dress and sunglasses while eating casually. But I can’t get myself to laugh, though.

Sky is completely messing with my head. It was so much better when he was being a complete asshole – even with that particular personality of his that insistently makes him feel as though I’m madly in love with him. These trains of thought didn’t desert me as we paid the bill – actually he did, but what’s the difference? – and went out of the restaurant. He was holding Dash’s rope, his left wrist attached again to my right. I looked back at the place. Bella Notté. Funny how I didn’t figure out at that instant, that it would be one of the most important places to me.


As the two subjects moved out of the restaurant, they kept their binoculars to their pockets. If only they came to a less crowded place. But the Marquette, of all places. The person sighed. They would have to be patient. The tracking device has been planted, and they won’t find out where it is. They won’t even suspect in the slightest.

But La Brea could be a problem.

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