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Chapter 20: Dictionary

Chapter 20: Dictionary (Wattpad)

Sky took one look at me and almost flew to my side at once. I was staring agape at the mirror with a look of utter disbelief in my eyes. He shook me urgently. “What’s wrong? Do you feel ill or something?”

I just shook my head. Then played with the hem of the shirt I was wearing. 


Not the sundress that I wore to the Marquette. It’s a goddamned shirt. When I looked at Sky, I knew instantly that he knew what I was on about – just waiting for me to say it out loud. Probably from keeping himself look like the scapegoat, I though scathingly. I fixed him with a look that could’ve set an ice on fire. “How the fuck did this happen?” My eyes flashed while I continued. “Did you change my clothes?” 

Sky gulped.

I continued, “You did this while I was sleeping, didn’t you?” he put his palms forward. “I didn’t think you minded!” 

“So you stripped my clothes off?!” he looked extremely panicked. “I couldn’t just let you sleep in that dress – ”My face turned a violent shade of red and I stuttered. “You – you have no right – DAMN YOU!” then I sneezed right in front of his chest. I groaned as my head hurt unbearably. I pushed him off weakly with one hand and put my other hand on the side of my head. “I hate you so much.”

“Just yesterday you were having so much fun – ”

“I didn’t have this goddamned – ”

He interrupted me before I could go farther. That is really getting to me. If I could slice him, he would’ve been in pieces.
“Let me carry you.” 

Why does the world have to be so cruel to me? I feel like crying pathetically. This stupid cold and fever and Sky. I groaned even louder when he started to put his arm on the back of my knees and carried me. Under normal circumstances, it would be a fight to the death, but no. it has to be like this. I turned to Sky, 

“Do you want me to give you a dictionary, Sky? It could be useful.” He looked at me like I was starting to seriously lose my mind. Maybe he’s right. He opened his mouth to respond but I cut him off.

“You can look up the word ‘privacy’ and apply it to your daily life!” I said it like it was a cure to cancer. “Isn’t that terrific?” As he walked me out of the bedroom and started to the lay me down on the couch, he said to me, “You’re starting to become delusional, Ryne. You really should take a rest. I’ll go to the hotel clinic – ”

“No, don’t. Trust me. They’ll probably rape you in there.” I giggled. He only shook his head at me, though he was smiling. I sighed. “I was joking, Sky. Go get your beloved medicine.” I said, and then released a violent sneeze. His eyebrows knitted together and he felt my forehead.

“Please don’t tell me you have flu.”

           I had flu. When Sky found out, he looked like the weight of the world has been put in his shoulders. I looked at him, puzzled. “Sky, its flu. Not leukemia. Relax.” then I coughed. “Don’t talk. Just stay here and tell me what you want. Ice cream? Movie?”

I was placed on the couch still, but now my head was raised on the armrest and I had my hair fanned out around me away from my face and I held my blanket around me. Rather the only blanket here. What Sky was saying and in the way he’s acting made me think what kind of person the man must be – the ‘he’ guy. He must be so terrifying if I wasn’t even allowed a flu. 

“No thanks.” then I sneezed. 

“I feel so useless, just sitting here. Do you want to watch the television or something?” he insisted.

I just sighed. “Fine.” He grabbed the remote control then and said, “What channel?” 

“That one’s nice.” 

He looked at me. “The news is nice?”

“Oh. Just find a channel where they play some movie.” I quickly said. As he switched the channels, I noticed something different in his persona today. Or, more likely his aura. He settled on the movie Pride and Prejudice, the one with Keira Knightley. I watched this film a gazillion times so I slowly lost interest just when Elizabeth’s sister got sick. I looked at Sky. He was looking at the pad of tablets the nurse recommended and placed it on the coffee table with a pitcher and a single glass. I opened my mouth to get his attention, but what came up was a sneeze. I groaned and let my head relax on the arm of the couch.

Sky sat at the foot of the couch and felt my forehead again. “Your fever’s not going down. Drink the tablet every four hours okay?”

“You said that seven times already.” 

“I take my job seriously, sis.” he said, smiling. “Uhhh…” was my awesome response. I tried again and succeeded in saying, “I’m still getting the hang of the ‘not talk to each other thing.’ Since I met you, you’re like an unstoppable force of nature that does nothing but annoy me and now – ”

“You’ll have to be serious if you want to ace in your training with me.”

Did I hear that right? Training? The concept’s too funny to think about. “What training?” his eyes sparkled like he saw a window of opportunity. He said in response to me, “Wow, Ryne. I had no idea that you lack basic education – ” I laughed but then it was really weird because I also coughed at the same time. He grimaced.

“Sorry. No fooling around for now, okay? You’ll have a seizure or something.” I shot him a glare as best as I could. He responded with a dazzling smile. “I just had a brilliant idea. Why don’t I just explain the situation now, while you’re harmless?”


“Yes, harmless. You know, that adjective which – ”

“Shut up.: I said, scowling. He just chuckled and straightened his back. “I’ll explain this mess now, okay?”

“Well, why don’t you start already?” he seemed unfazed by that. Then he continued speaking, “As you already know, someone ordered me to protect you – ”

“Kidnap, more like.”

“Whatever. This person has an unbelievable influence and people like that have enemies. Lots of enemies.” he let that sink in for a moment. “The people at the mall, you mean?” he smiled slightly and added. “That’s a small tree compared to the whole forest.” Fuck. My eyes widened then I sneezed. Predictably. I quickly recovered myself and asked him as fast as a bullet. “There are lots more out there?” 

He raised an eyebrow and rubbed his palms on his thighs. “I thought you knew.” I processed this information. “I thought they’re only less than ten!”  

“Don’t worry, they won’t find us.” then he looked at me meaningfully. “As long as you don’t give me a hard time keeping you safe.” I disregarded this statement and fired another question. “Why did these influential person want me here? Is he going to use me or something?”

“He’ll have to tell you in person.” his eyes were a strange mix of emotions as he said that. “You won’t tell me anything about him, won’t you?” I told him dryly.

“He’ll probably kill me if I do, so no. I’d rather keep my head attached to my neck.” Oh, that’s just nice. “Aren’t you being over-reactive?” He chuckled and said, “Ryne, I’m dead serious. Why do you think I don’t want you getting sick? And as much as possible, when you meet him, make it obvious that you had fun, okay?” 

This unknown guy is ridiculous! “That’s really…weird! It’s like the guy wants me to have the time of my life rather than terrorize me!” He was trying very hard not to smile, then. I suddenly paused and scrutinized him. “If you’re making this all up, I’m going to – ”

“I’m not! Why would I do that?”

“Haven’t you realized that this guy you’re describing is utterly absurd?” He shrugged. “He has his reasons.” Very informative. I can’t think straight, and it’s making my headache worse; though I won’t say that to Sky. He’ll stop the questioning in a blink of an eye if I did. I turned to him again. “Why does he have a lot of enemies?” he released a sigh and I saw in his eyes a look of amused and begrudging admiration. He smiled at nothing in particular and replied,

            “He was a leader of a Mafia.”

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