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Chapter 24: The file

Chapter 24: The file (Wattpad)

Sky’s enchiladas tastes like heaven.

I burned my tongue multiple times from eating fast, but it was definitely worth it. Then came the Monopoly game. I’ve never been good with these things. Seriously. Sky was a player and assumed the role of the banker as well; I figured it was more to my advantage than his but no. I suck. I was bankrupt immediately in the first game. The second was okay though I must say that, I’ve eaten more than half of the cookies – they’re actually really tasty – but on the third.

“I can’t do this. I suck.” 

He laughed. “Serves you right.” he replied smugly. 

After that humiliating experience, I finished the cookies – monopoly cookies – and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. As I faced the mirror, halfway through my task, I felt myself shrink for no reason. I gurgled the water then spat it out, turning on the faucet. I washed my mouth and turned to the mirror again. 

Who would like someone like me? I thought. I wasn’t a martyr, but I just don’t know.  Carsh seems so far away and I just… I want out. I saw my brow crease at my reflection. You look nerdy, I told myself. And skinny. This never troubled me before but I had my moments. I sighed. 

I have no idea what Carsh saw in me.

I swallowed hard and was startled by the bathroom door opening. Sky came in. “I knocked and called you three times.” he seemed quite annoyed. “Ryne, please be more sensitive, okay?” I nodded and went out. Be more sensitive. That wasn’t hard to do, I thought morosely. I went directly to the direction of the bedroom and because of the dim lighting, I bumped my knee on the coffee table.

“Stupid glasses.”
I feel stupid and I just feel like bursting to tears. Damned self-esteem. I went to the bedroom, buried myself under the covers and turned the light off. Sky came in seconds later, though I wasn’t surprised. The poor gut must’ve been shocked from my lack of temper outbursts and small tantrums. He slowly walked and sat on his side of the bed. 

“Are you okay? What did I do?” I can’t see his face clearly because of the lack of light but that was better, much better. 

“I’m okay. I just have insecurity outbursts now and then. It’s normal.” He seemed surprised and confused. “Insecurity? You’ve got nothing to be insecure about.” I closed my eyes and replied.

“I’ve been feeling pretty down in the dumps lately. It’s be better in the morning.” I paused before saying, “Goodnight, Sky.” 

“Goodnight.” he hesitated and seemed to argue with himself before he kissed my forehead lightly. “Goodnight, sis.” Then he went out. That was weird, I thought, almost chuckling in my head before I got to sleep. Yes, it will be better in the morning.

What was wrong with her? he thought, sitting on the couch. That was ridiculous. What could she be feeling insecure about? It seems like he has a lot more things to learn concerning Ryne. He strode over to the cabinet, pulled the last drawer out and entered the password on the briefcase. He went back to sit and opened the envelope. They sent him this file, telling him he got his first assignment. He remembered opening it excitedly then, and preparing for the trip to Anderson. 

The first sheet of paper had her photo and basic information – name, address, age, the likes. He looked at her printed last name, and felt guilt surge through himself. Her life is more complicated and twisted than she thinks, he thought, perusing the rest of the files contents to help him with her strange behaviour earlier.

8am, Friday

I blinked several times, willing myself to fully wake up. I rubbed my eyes and looked for my glasses. I put them on and stared at the wall on my left. The events of last night came back to me and I cringed. That was terribly random and stupid. At least I’m better than the Terminator, I thought. Maybe it’s because it’s still early in the morning or maybe I’m crazy, but I actually miss trash talking with her. I mean, she’s the one honing my skills in the first place. And now I realize Sky wasn’t on the bed. It was irrational, but I actually panicked for a second – it’s a long time since I saw them, they weren’t actually planning to get Sky, right? I sat up on the bed and I almost fell off the side. I steadied myself and made sure I was really awake. 

Sky was on the edge of the bed – actually his head is, he was on the floor and his arms are supporting his head, which is on the soft mattress. He was sleeping soundly and I saw a package by his head, He changed his clothes but I could tell by his eye bags that he probably stayed up all night. This is not normal. The package was only half-wrapped and it seems like he fell asleep while in the middle of wrapping – there was a bit of scotch tape on his cheek. Dear God. How do British people wrap? 

I got off the bed as quietly as possible, fearing he might wake up. He wasn’t exactly a dragon sleeping, but just in case. I brought the blanket with me and slowly tiptoed to his spot on the floor. I got the package by one hand and put it under my arm. I covered his body with the blanket and the box almost fell. No, you don’t. I groped for it wildly in the air, feeling like an Amazon and caught it. I exhaled a small sigh of relief. 

I tucked the blanket around him so he’ll be comfortable – sort of, and so it won’t fall off. I took his glasses off and pondered what to do about the little scotch tape. I bit my lip. 

Challenge accepted.

I put the package down and knelt next to him. I held his hand while slowly removing the tape. Emphasis on the slowly. I was only and inch successful when he stirred. I rubbed his hand and whispered “Shh.” as soothingly as I could. 

“Sam.” he muttered.

Sam? My head tilted back in shock. I forced the matter away from my mind and gently removed the tape all the way through. I crumpled it and went to the living room with the box in hand.

What the bloody hell has this Sam done? 

I got the funny feeling that this person, whoever she is, had a serious thing with Sky. Well, duh, Ryne. Or maybe she broke Sky’s heart. I scowled at that. That’s rather insane. But if that’s true… I remembered Sky’s face that day on the Marquette when we met the little girl. If I’m being honest with myself, if that person broke his heart, I’m going to hunt her down and kill her.

My gaze fell on the box on my lap. I had no idea why I brought it with me, but me being Ryne Evers, it’s quite understandable. I was just trying to open it when I heard scuffling from the bedroom and hurried footsteps. Shit. I quickly stashed the box under the cushions and looked up to a dishevelled Sky, who was breathing rather hard. 

“Err, rise and shine?”

“Where is it?” he asked.

“Where is what?” I asked right back, feigning ignorance. I need not tell you that I suck at lying, too. He walked over to me. “Give it back, please.” Then he sat next to me. I sighed. Told you I wasn’t good at lying. “Can I just take a look? I won’t tell – ”

“Do you want me to tickle you to death?” I scrutinized him. No one knew I was ticklish  - it’s practically my greatest weakness. How the bloody hell did he know? I answered back to him, “It’s too early for making threats, don’t you think?” 

He smiled knowingly. “You don’t like being tickled.” God. I knew he was into voodoo. Think, Ryne. Think.
“How about a deal?” I asked desperately. He crossed his arms and said, “I’m listening.” 

“If I could guess the password to the door, I get to open your coveted little box.” As I talked, his eyes narrowed. “You’re not escaping – ”

“Who said anything about escaping? You can take out your handcuffs, if you like.” He still looked at me suspiciously. “I don’t believe you.”

“Whatever, Sky. Even if I do escape, where do you think I can go anyway?” He raised an eyebrow at me. “You do know that it’s quite impossible to know the pass, don’t you?”

“Watch me.”

I walked over to the small monitor with the touchscreen numbers next to the door. I punched in the numbers which were engraved to my head since childhood. Please, please, please.
            The door clicked open.

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