Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chapter 14: Credit cards. With an “s.”

Chapter 14: Credit cards. With an "s." (Wattpad)

As we passed the front desk, I noticed the receptionist gawking at me. Sky winked. “I know you don’t like the receptionist. It’s payback time, don’t you think?” he said evilly. I can’t believe my luck.

He out an arm around me and went to the desk.

“My future girlfriend I and are going out. Her expression was priceless! We both laughed. She gave Sky a form to sign, all the while giving me death glares. I smiled at her sweetly.

“Done.” Sky said. Then he knelt down and tied a leash around Dash and gave the end to me.

“Have a good day, Mr. and Ms. La Brea.” she said poisonously. We were almost out to the lobby when I noticed people looking at Dash. What is – oh no. I looked at Sky.

“Uhm, ‘no pets allowed’?”

“Don’t worry. They’ll just assume that we’re a lot richer than they are.” he squeezed my shoulder reassuringly. “They’re that kind of people.”

I felt glad once we’re outside, like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Sudden excited flooded through me and I flashed a brilliant smile at Sky. 

“So where are we going?”

He looked at my smile for a full three seconds before answering. “Have you ever been to the Marquette?”


“But, we’re at Melbourne, right?” I recognized some of the towers from the postcards. It’s three cities away from where I live. “How the hell do we go to Canberra?” I asked him, perplexed.

“Do we look out of cash?”

“What’s the connection? Are we using your Ferrari? Because I remember this thing called gas tank limit.”

“No, of course not! We have a private plane.” He grinned.

A what?!


“Yes, we. You know that pronoun which – ”

“Let’s go!” I dragged him to his car and went inside the shotgun seat. I let Dash in to the backseat and Sky positioned himself behind the wheel. “Very impatient.” He tutted, as he started the engine.

“I’ve never been to the Marquette before. Are you sure that’s where we’re going?”

“Do I look like I’m joking?” I laughed. “I guess not.”

After seven banters, we arrived at an airport. Instead of going inside, we went through the back, where three runways are found, and on one of them was a small private plane. But I noticed something.

“Where’s the pilot?”

I looked at Sky. He had that look on his eyes that made them glitter. Then he smiled maliciously. 

“Are you kidding me?!”

“Nope. I am not.” He laughed.

“But – do you even know how – ” he grabbed my wrist and ran. “Hey! Should you do that all the time?!” Dash ran ahead of us to the direction of the airplane. In no time, we were all in. 

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous -  I wanted to tear my hair out from apprehension. Sky turned to me.

“You look like you want to pass out.” Maybe I do. “My, oh my. Don’t you have any trust in my skills?”

“No, I don’t.”

He started the engine. “Because you said that, I would’ve to show you my stunts.”


He started to move the plane on the runway. 

“I was joking! I trust you completely!” I shrieked. He shook his head in mock hurt. “You’re such a bad liar.”

“I’m serious! You are absolutely fantastic!” I shouted in mounting panic as the plane accelerated in speed and altitude. Sky laughed loudly. “Yes, indeed. I am fantastic.” He said, but fake sadness was later etched to his features. He sighed in mock pain. “You don’t find me attractive though.” The plane was getting faster and faster by the second and I can feel the tires lifting off the solid ground. “I guess some stunts might – ”

“Okay, okay! You’re attractive! And you have natural good looks!” I blurted out without thinking. Sky laughed triumphantly. “I knew it! You didn’t have to lie to me.” he laughed some more. We’re completely airborne now and I was berating myself for admitting the craziest thing known to mankind. 

“Whatever. No stunts, okay?”

“I actually didn’t have plans to use them in the first place.” he ginned, his smile full of mischief. 

“You are the most infuriating person I ever met in my life.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

            Several minutes later, I saw it. The Marquette. “Oh my God! We’re actually here!” I exclaimed as Sky smiled. The place was huge. Different buildings are everywhere – they have dozens of shapes and sizes visible even from above. People said that in this place, it seems like every day is a celebration. They couldn’t have said it more appropriately.

“We land there, on the huge red dot on the smallest building.” I looked over to what he said and felt idiotically happy. Dash started barking and going berserk. And then slowly but surely, we headed to the direction of the landing area and touched the roof with the tires of the plane.

“Just wait a second. Don’t come out yet. Wait for me.” he said. I didn’t bother listening to him as I was mesmerized while I was staring at the place from my incredible view here at the rooftop through the plane’s glass window. The rotors stopped ant the plane stood still as if it hadn’t travelled from somewhere. Sky looked at me. “Well?” he asked, eyebrows up.

“You are bloody fantastic.”

He laughed. “I thought I was the most infuriating person you have ever met I your life. But who could’ve guessed? Maybe it was my imagination.” I giggled. Then a thought suddenly occurred to me. “Do we even have money?” I asked him. His eyes flashed.

“We have credit cards. Sorry to disappoint you.” he smiled hugely. 

“Credit cards? With an s?” I said unbelievingly. That’s too much for me to believe. For me. Ever. He laughed at my expression, then pulled out seven credit cards. Wow.

“We have three each, and Dash gets one.” he chuckled as he patted his furry head. “Are you sure that’s allowed? I mean, you don’t have to use all of them. Won’t your supervisor or something will get angry?” 

He bit his lip. “I don’t have a supervisor. And well, technically, it’s not really against the protocol to take your hostage shopping, so yeah.”

Oh my God. I’ve never been here with seemingly unlimited cash. We weren’t particularly poor, but we don’t get to enjoy places like this, ever. Sky looked pleased. 

“What are you waiting for?” he said. “The first one out of the building gets all the credit cards.” Then he opened the door to his side and ran to the stairs, Dash trotting behind him.

            “HEY!” I ran behind the both of them then, not looking back.

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