Monday, March 5, 2012

Chapter 3: Stupid, stupid Ryne

Chapter 3: Stupid, stupid Ryne (Wattpad)

I can't help looking over my shoulder for a sight of those green eyes and the unbelievably handsome face. And the gun. I loathe those things now. Then I heard a loud sound.

I screamed.

It's Dash. What is wrong with me?!

I really do need to get a grip. At least, somehow with Dash here, I felt better. I got Dash as a 12th birthday present from my parents - the last one I ever received from them. Anyway, he's a Golden Retriever, the best in the world. I used to be a loner before, but I never minded in the slightest because I had Dash. Now I have Dash and Carsh. I smiled at that train of thought. The thing is, though, Dash has that habit of sleeping like the dead. Maybe even worse. But I feel like I kind of okay with the fact that I trained him well - fetch and all that.

I thought about my completely normal morning. It makes me cringe. Anyway, I'm here to end this now, the police will take care of the rest. We walked a good several minutes to the nearest, mind you, the nearest station close to my house. All thanks to the Terminator. If only I had my bike, I thought bitterly. But then, the next thing I knew, we were at the entrance. "Dash. Behave, 'kay?" Then I left him and went in. I walked straight to the front desk.

"May I help you, kid?" Officer Stanley asked curiously. He's been here for eternity.

"I want to report a - ah, uhhmm.." What was I thinking? Coming here without a plan? Nice going, Ryne. I feel frustrated with myself. I don't even have proof - they just have my word that a new boy in town, clearly not of age for guns, was carrying firearms. Well, I can't really pull out my phone and picture him while running, could I? The officer would probably tell me to butt off, something about welcoming newcomers with open arms. This one's different, I thought. Gathering up my nerve, I asked him,

"Do you know a La Brea family who just moved around here recently?"

"Oh, yes! La Brea!' said one officer. "Nice people, good looking, too." Well, obviously.

"Why'd you ask, kid?" asked Officer Stanley.

"Well, it's actually about the boy, Sky La Brea..."

"Now that guy is the bomb. I tell you, Stan." said the same other cop. "Very good looking - almost a model - and nice manners too." he's not exactly boosting my confidence with this. By the way he talks, you'd think he's gay. Officer Stan cocked and eyebrow, asking me to continue.

"Well, uhm." I cleared my throat. "I was walking back home, on the 73th, then I saw him on my way...saw him with a gun."

There was a pause.

Then the gay officer burst out laughing. Even Officer Stanley chuckled. What the -
"Did you just hear what I said?" I asked boldly. "You've got to bring him in for questioning or something!"

Stan explained. "Look, kid. There has to be some mistake - " I scowled, then I interrupted him.

"You said so that the guy was extremely good looking," I said, looking at the other cop. "Why would you think that I mistook him for somebody else?"

Stan continued. "No. We met the family ourselves, to welcome them to the neighbourhood. If there was some firearms along with that boy's textbooks, I'm sure we'll find out about it."

I stared at him. Is this even funny? Does this look like a joke? Their ego is just DISGUSTING.

"Now, I have to tell you to behave yourself, okay? And I mean no mentioning of any gun to anyone. You kids should welcome the guy, not scare him off. I don't want this spreading around, all right?"

I can't believe this.

           Stupid, stupid Ryne.

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