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Chapter 28: 15th of October

Chapter 28: 15th of October (Wattpad)
           Part I:     
            It was nearing night. The television was turned on, but we weren’t really watching. Dash was staring at it, so we just left it on, figuring it couldn’t hurt. Sky was figuring out how to repair the password device for the door while seating on the sofa. What was I doing? I was just leaning my back on his shoulder, shuffling through the manual guide for assembling the device. Helping him. Lord God. 

“I said the red one, what are you – ”

“There are too many wires! How am I supposed to know what I’m holding?”

“Well, then. Let’s do it again.”

“We’ve been trying for eternity – ”

“You’re impossible. I even help you build my own prison – ”

He grunted, nudging my back with his shoulder. “Let’s take a break.”

“Give up, you mean.”

He scowled at me. “Fine. I give up. Happy?”

I laughed. “Sort of.” he just rolled his eyes and stood up. “I’m having a sandwich. You coming?” I tossed the manual to the low table and used the arm of the sofa for support. I tried to stand upright on my own; baggy clothes and all. I shot a killer look at Sky. “Aren’t you going to help me?” He pursed his lips to keep from chuckling. The git. “Take three steps by yourself and I’ll help you.” My eyes narrowed. I never back down from a challenge. I’ll show him.

I tentatively took a small step forward, hand on my head as though it would lessen the dizziness and almost falling. I saw him put his arms forward, ready for catching me. “Uhm, Ryne, I think I’ve changed my mind about this – ”

“Shut up.” I tried another small step and stubbed my toe, falling forward. He caught my arms and steadied me. “For someone smart, that was rather stupid.” Was that a compliment? Huh. Sky suddenly turned his back to me. “Climb on my back.”

Oh, okay. He’s officially insane.

“Climb what?” I asked, surprised.

“On my back. It’s easier that way. And you do want to eat, right? Come on.” he urged.
“What if you fall?” I asked and he laughed loudly, filling the room with light. “That was funny.” he said.

“Oh, right. I forgot that you were perfect. My bad.” he chuckled as I put my arms around his neck from behind, then he lowered to a semi-crouched position and hooked his arms behind my knees and straightened up. My head is now next to his and I can feel his soft hair on my cheek. As well as his broad back pressed to my torso – it feels natural and nice. He turned his face to me, smiling.

“We can just stay like this forever, if you like.”

I laughed, placing my chin on his shoulder. “Let’s go, horsey.”

The trip to the kitchen was rather uneventful, if you don’t count Sky bumping his head on the doorframe. As we sat down and ate our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, there was still an angry welt on his forehead and I can’t help ogling at it.

“I thought you were perfect. My, oh my.” He tore a piece of bread and threw it at me. “Hey!” he raised an eyebrow innocently. “Did you say something?” I sighed. “You’re annoying.”

He grinned. “Thanks.” he looked outside and turned back to me again. “Do you know what day it is? We should celebrate!” I was surprised because over the past few days, I lost track of time. But I was more surprised when I recall the exact date today.

“Err, it’s the 14th of October.” 

“Exactly!” he replied, all smiles.

“Our birthday’s on the 15th. Of next month, may I add.” This guy never seems to run out of energy and ideas. “But, tomorrow is the 15th! The day of our birthdate!” I laughed in spite of myself. He’s such a child.

‘You sound like you’re four.”

“I’m serious. Aren’t you glad that you met me?” Now that, is a hard question. “Uhmm. That question is…” Sky pulled off his puppy dog eyes and oh my God. It’s heart-breaking. His eyebrows were all crunched together and his forehead creased. And not to mention the way his chin was trembling slightly and his eyes screams, I’m cute. You will give me free stuff.
Nobody can say ‘no’ to that face. 

This damned trick is effective and he knows it. 

I groaned aloud. “What do you want to do?” He laughed triumphantly. “It’s a surprise.” he said excitedly, smiling. “This is how I’ll make it up to you.” If this is how he reacts to me being injured, I should get an accident more often. Or just get shot. Non-lethal, of course. I chuckled. “Just make sure it’s not too… grand.”

            He winked at me, care-free and confident as always. “Trust me, Ryne. I have a good feeling that you’ll like this one.”

           Part II:

As all things in life, this supposed  “surprise” has a catch – I have to stay in the bedroom until Sky says otherwise. I mean, he lost his mind! This is against human rights, this definitely is. 

“How the hell am I supposed to eat?” I screamed, as he dragged me to the bedroom.

“Just call out to me. I’ll give you what you want, but not too much, okay?” he replied calmly. 

“I thought I told you that I don’t want it en grandé?”

“It won’t be.” he said, putting me down the bed. “I won’t lock you in, because I have a heart – ”

“A black one, I think – ”

“But Zombie will guard the door for me – ”

“Dash won’t follow you!” I said, outraged. “He’s mine!” He smiled slightly and raised an eyebrow. He turned to the direction on the open doorway and whistled.

Dash came trotting to him instantly.

I stared at my dog, mouth open. “Dash?” He turned his furry head to me, and his eyes seemed to be laughing. 

“Damn this shi – ” Sky covered my mouth. “Nuh – uh. No bad words. Your dog just likes good people, that’s all.” I scoffed and rolled my eyes. Good people. Sky ignored me and continued saying, “So stay here, okay? I won’t ever forgive you if you peek.” Then he stalked off the room.

Great. This is just dandy.

I can’t resist calling out to him, through the closed door, “I thought you had a heart!” 

“I do, Ryne!” he yelled back, his voice muffled. Dash seemed to enjoy it and barked himself, looking at me. I glared at him playfully, as though saying, traitor. Then he suddenly bounded up to me, licking my hand. I hugged him tightly, curling his fur through my fingers. “I still love you, buddy.” I said, laughing. “Even if you took a liking to someone else!” I shouted, making sure he can hear me. I expected him to shout back, but I heard him chuckle. I rolled my eyes again and slowly lay down the bed, careful not to trigger my dizziness again and tried to fight off the epic boredom. 

An hour later

“Let me out!”

“Just a few more minutes, I promise. Everything seems to be just perfect – ”

“So why am I still here?” I yelled back irritably. It’s been an hour. Hour. On the course of that hour, I heard nothing strange from the living room, if you don’t count the constant opening and closing of the door and the clinking of the plates – I assume they’re plates. I mean, what else could it be? - and other metal. I admit, I am curious and a bit excited but I don’t deserve this! Being locked up in a bedroom – I’m not a Disney princess for God’s sake. I heard the door of the bedroom opening and closing just as fast and I looked up, eyes landing on Sky. 

“Err, why do you look so excited?”

He smiled hugely. “You’ll love this. I don’t know how I did it but – ”

“Let’s just see it, what do you think?” I said, almost laughing. I stood up and he automatically helped me, holding my arms to keep myself steady; somehow, my fall at the other damned hotel had been pretty bad. “You have to put on a blindfold first.” he added, pulling out the said item. What the – who does he think he is?! I glared at him.

“I am not going – ”

His face turned to extreme pleading in a mini-second. “Please, Ryne. I worked so hard for this, I want it to be perfect – ”

“It’s the same when I don’t put that thing on – ”

“It’s not!” he said, “Please, Ryne. Please. Just this one time – ”

“Fine! Let’s just get this over with.” he smiled then, and gently put the blindfold over my eyes after removing my glasses. I can’t see a bloody thing. 

“Why did I agree to this again?” he just laughed heartily and tightened his grip on my arms and I felt him step backward. “Just follow my voice.” I gripped his arms and stepped forward. He said again, “That’s good. Now, just walk forward normally.”


“Yes, normally.” I can sense him smiling and he continued speaking, “We’re almost to the door – ”

“Are you smiling?” I asked, straightforward. He stifled a laughs. “Err, sort of. Now move forward.” I did as he asked and walked as I would under different circumstances but I felt something wet touch my ankle.

“Oh my God, what was that – ”

“Down, boy. Down.” I heard him say. I heard Dash barking and felt my heartbeat slow down. Sky chuckled and I sensed him face me again. “Now, where were we?” 

“The, uhhm, normal walk.” I responded, wanting nothing more than to remove this thing hindering me.

“Okay, step forward now.” he urged, taking a step back himself. We continued this thing for several more seconds when I felt the air around me shift – the room suddenly felt wider, more open. And it feels – warm. Like there are light bulbs around me. Well, not light bulbs, more like small fires, if that makes sense. Sky seems to be shaking with excitement. He said, “Feel anything?”

I hesitated then replied, “It’s… warm.” he seemed to be bursting now as he moved his hands to mine as grasped them. 

“Promise me you won’t have a heart attack when we open your eyes, okay?” Mother of God. Now I feel definitely excited. “Is, uhm, is it that… awful?” He laughed again. “See for yourself.” he said, removing his hands and reaching behind to remove the blindfold. He automatically gave me my glasses and stepped behind me, giving me a complete view of the living room. I opened my eyes and blinked several times, because the room seemed to be murky. 


The room is absolutely unrecognizable and stunning. There were white bowls full of water and red roses everywhere. Even the floor. The curtains were still closed but the dull grey colour had been replaced with whit, matching the bowls. And the small fires! They’re candles! Placed everywhere, matching the colours white and red. I breathed in and smelled lavender. How the hell can you get that smell from those colours? Isn’t it supposed to be purple-ish? My mouth was open and that was even before I found the gifts on the couch. Of different wrappers and sizes and some have letters. It’s perfect. The lighting of the room was dim, but it’s still breathtakingly beautiful – it just adds to the effect of the designs. I slowly turned to Sky. He said, smiling.

“Advance happy birthday.”

Those words melted my heart – as much as I hate to admit it -  and I said the only thing that came to my mind, “You did this in an hour?” But he ignored me and his eyes became anxious as he watched out for my reaction.  

“Do you like it? I even put bowls of flowers on the floor and I know you like roses, but I don’t know if you – ”

“It’s perfect!” I said delightfully. His eyes were the size of saucers. “Really?” 
I laughed. “How the hell did you do this?” He shook his head vigorously and said fast, “I don’t know!” half-laughing, then he caught my hand, leading the way through the flowers and towards the couch. “I phoned everyone – well, not everyone – ”

My jaw dropped. “What happened to being safe – ”

He was half-laughing still as he answered, “I used a secure line.” then he grabbed one package and handed it over to me. “That’s from Xavia.”


He rolled his eyes. “Yes, Xavia. My grandmother.” He laughed as I hit his chest with the gift. I started opening it as he let me sit on the couch and he followed suit.

It’s a book.

The title is D.I.Y. – Detonate It Yourself book. Oh my God. Everything here is all about self-protection, how to use a gun, detonating bombs – everything useful. Wow.

I turned to Sky, mouth open. He laughed and said, “Xav is awesome.” then he got a sheet of envelope from his pocket. “She also made you a letter. Obviously.” I quickly got it from him and opened it, biting my lower lip. It said,

Advance happy birthday to the both of you! Imah told me, you see. Sky just phoned me several minutes ago, demanding a gift for you. Tell him to mind his manners, okay? I believe in you. I wish you a really happy birthday in spite of the certain circumstances – I think Sky is planning something, so I’m keeping my hopes up. I wish you won’t hate us for what we’re doing, Ryne; it’s just our job. I promise it will go smoothly.
Your friend,
P.S. – I hope you like my gift. And please get better soon.

This is just too overwhelming. I folded back the letter and put it on its envelope. I never thought in my life that I would get kidnapped by such people. Hate her? On the contrary! They’ve done nothing but protect me from people I hate. Sky asked impatiently, “What does it say?” I chuckled, “She told me to tell you about your manners.” He blinked. “Manners?” 

“You know, that word which –  ” he grabbed my wrist. “That’s my line.” I laughed in his face. “Actually,” I continued, still laughing. “She told me that you demanded for a gift.”

“His face turned to one of guilt. Very subtle. “I didn’t demand, I just – ”  I cut min off, “Yes, I know you’re guilty.” 

“I demanded a gift for you, okay?”

 Do. Not. Blush.

“So which one next?” I asked and he attempted a pitiful chance at a glare. Then he shook his head and gave me another package – a flat rectangular one. I held the gift but didn’t open it yet. I raised one eyebrow at him, “What was the shaking for?”


I pursed my lips. “You shook your head – I saw that – ”

“I was just wondering how someone so small can be so hugely irritating – ”  he never got to finish that sentence as I reached out to a nearby bowl and threw a handful of flowers at him. He said sarcastically,

“You know what? It rather suites me; the roses and all – ”

“Oh yeah. Mr. Perfect.” I looked at the package from my hands. “And this is from… ?” 

“From Imah.”

Imah. I quickly tore off the wrapper and got out my gift. An iPad. Seriously? I laughed aloud. “Yes, it’s definitely from her.” Sky was smiling as he handed me the attached letter – which was quite thick. I smiled hugely; even in writing, she never loses her chatter. It read, 

Dearest Ryne,
Advance happy, happy birthday! I miss you so much! Tell Sky not to shout on the phone the next time he’s planning something – it’s rather annoying. But I still love you both! He just demands a gift like it’s the end of the world, but I got used to it eventually. When he told me, I was cramming for something to get you – I know you don’t like technology much, but you have to start! It’s the new generation and era! You have to blend in! I really, really hope you like it. It’s completely safe and secure – I stripped it down myself in case of bugs and found nothing. I already downloaded some games that you and Sky can play with in case you get bored. And please, do recover quickly. Xav told me about what happened and I’m so, so sorry for that. I just knew that they slipped past us when someone on guard told me. I really feel bad and guilty and especially when Sky confronted me about it. I didn’t mean to. I hope you forgive me. Many more birthdays to come and I wish you a happy day, even though you’re sort of being held against your will. I hope we made you happy somehow. Oh, by the way, wear dresses a bit more often, okay? Sky likes it. But you’re still pretty, whatever you wear anyway. I still haven’t forgotten about what I said between you and Sky. I meant it! I hope you remember it, Ryne.

Yes, I’ve been right. Her letter had been bombarded with a lot of information, ranging from topic to topic – but that’s just her. When I read it, I can’t seem to stop grinning. Then I read the last part. I had honestly forgotten about it, but then she had to mention it. Really. She’s fighting a losing game. I turned to my companion and saw him perusing my already turned-on iPad. Don’ take the ‘turned-on’ thing the wrong way. 

“What kind of games are in there?”

He laughed lightly. “Fun ones. Of course, being Imah as the sender, you can’t really expect less.” he turned to me then. “What did she say in her letter?” A good lot of things. “That you shouldn’t shout on the phone when you’re talking to her –  ”

“I didn’t really shout at her!” he protested, face crestfallen. “What is wrong with them? I just asked a gift for you –  ”

“Out of the blue, may I add.” his shoulders slumped at what I said. I giggled. “Sorry.” he raised an eyebrow skeptically. “I know you don’t mean that apology, but it’s accepted, nonetheless.”

I sighed. “Don’t you know that sometimes it’s rather hard to keep up and argue with you?” he smiled proudly. “Nobody can keep up with me.” I pursed my lips. “Except me, of course.” 

He smiled at me. “Yeah. Except you.”

Gah. He’s doing it again. I looked at Imah’s gift over his shoulder and said before he can say anything else, “I’ll check the games out later. We can play if you like and – ”  I just noticed something weird and berated myself for not finding it sooner.

“Where’s Dash?” I asked, twisting around the couch. “He’s here, Ryne. Behind us.” I craned my neck and indeed saw him. Sleeping. Of course. He, Sky, smiled at me. 

            “Told you he’s part zombie.”

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