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Chapter 15: The Marquette

Chapter 15: The Marquette (Wattpad)

Dash got out of the building first. Both me and Sky were out of breath by the time we joined him outside with all the crowd of people laughing, eating sweets and buying souvenirs from dozens of stalls on the pavement. The place is so alive and full of colours and I was almost bursting with excitement. I turned to my companion and saw him tying the end of Dash’s leash around his left wrist. Then with his other hand, he grabbed my hand. 

“Before anything else, we have to hide our faces.” he said, smiling. We strolled around the place then, and it was not long before we found a stall that read “the Tropical Style.” The racks were full of bikinis, glasses and tourist hats and lined up were surfboards of different designs and sizes. The man owning the shop greeted jovially.

“Welcome to the Marquette! You can browse for what you want, dears.” Then he smiled happily. We went to the racks and chose among the sunglasses. You wouldn’t believe the kind of glasses they have! They are the weirdest I have ever seen! Sky apparently noticed this, too. Then we spent a full 10 minutes laughing about them before buying three glasses – the one’s for Dash – and I bought a large-sized, white tourist hat that matched my sandals.

“Dash looks drunk.” Sky said, chuckling. We chose glasses with pink butterflies at the side for him, though I didn’t think he minded. I laughed.

“Now that we have extremely fool proof disguises,” he said. “Where do you want to go, sis?”

“I heard that there are terrifying rides in here.” I responded.

“The rollercoaster it is.” He said, yanking my arm and leading me to the throng of people at the huge carnival ride with screaming people. I couldn’t believe that through all the noise and the screaming people, you can still hear “Last Friday Night” blaring from the speakers.

“I want to ride that thing!” I yelled at Sky. “Of course you do!” he yelled back. Then he led to the short line of people waiting for their turn. A personnel tapped Sky’s shoulder.

“Excuse me, sir!” he said loudly in an effort to be heard over the noise. “You have to give the dog to the pet-in-charge! No pets allowed in the rides!”

“What?!” Sky said, leaning closer to the man.

The guy tried again. “Your dog isn’t allowed in! Give him to the pet-in-charge!”

“My dog what?!”

“GIVE HIM TO ME!” he roared.

“Sure!” Sky responded. Then the guy gave him a laminated number. The Spice Girls sang next in the speakers – “Tell me what you want, what you really really want, now tell me what you want…”

Sky turned to me. “This place is crazy!” 

“I like it, too!” I replied, laughing. I saw the guy earlier handing Dash to the pet-in-charge together with the other dogs. In a few seconds, both of us were being ushered in with dozens of other people to the two-person seats.

“I’m not so sure about this anymore!” I panicked. Sky looked at me. He’s so handsome, my God. He looks like a celebrity with his glasses; it was almost heart-breaking. “You need to tie your hat!” he said, reaching out to tie the knot at the base of my neck to keep the hat from flying away. I started to say thank you, but then the damned machine started to move. Cluck-cluck-cluck.

“Oh no…”

Sky just laughed aloud, exhilarated. Oh God. It’s getting faster and faster. And higher. I screamed. I feel as if we were going through a million miles per second and the wind was whipping at my face. “Shit!”

The ride was terrifying. It lasted for full 5 minutes and all I did was screaming and swear a lot. The people around me were damaging my eardrums, including Sky. The damned guy was having fun.

Then for what seemed like an eternity, the rollercoaster stopped gradually and we were on the exit. I was breathing hard. Never again. What was I thinking?! That was the most excruciating moment of my life. Sky turned to me with a huge grin plastered on his face.

“Let’s try that again!”

Lord, God.

“Have you gone mad?”

He chuckled lively. “It was your idea in the first place!” he shook his head. “And to think you almost screamed your bladders out – ”

“I punched him on the shoulder. “Just because everyone doesn’t have your moronic personality, doesn’t mean – ”

“Shut up, sis. You’re still green and you look like you’re about to – ”

“You know what? I’ll just get the hell out of this piece of metal.” Then I started to unstrap myself and I saw him doing the same thing. He grabbed my upper arm. 

“You just reminded me of something.” He pulled out handcuffs – the same ones, I bet – and tried to – Oh, God no.

“Just when I actually had fun with you – ” 

“You still might escape. Rule number two, sis.” Then he handcuffed my right wrist with his left.
“Stop calling me that. And don’t you think we look retarded – ”

He laughed. “All we have to do is hold hands and it won’t look so retarded, that’s all. I was petrified.

“Hold hands? With you? My freaking kidnaper?”

“You know, I’m not exactly your kidnapper, in the general sense. I’m just protecting you from people who wants – ”

“Same thing, really.”

“No, it’s not. I had no idea you lack basic education – ”

“I’ll go find Dash.” I said, then imitated his voice. “Rule number three, bro.” Then I walked quickly, dragging him. He chuckled. “You have such a small temper.” I looked at him. “And how does that concern you?”

“Well you know, first of all, you’re my responsibility – ” I looked at him, astonished. Then I interrupted him. “Responsibility? I never knew I had a nanny – .” 

“Shut up. Number two; you escape, I don’t find you, I’m dead.”

“Considering I don’t kill you first.”

He raised one of his eyebrows. “Yeah, that too. And number three, you’re fun to annoy. So there you go.” I stared at him.

“Fun? To annoy? Do I look like a clown?” He laughed. “You look nothing close to a clown right now.” He lost me.

“Was that a compliment?”

“Are you joking?” he asked, mouth open. 

“No. Why would – ”

“You won’t even recognize a compliment it was dancing on your face. That’s a real gift.” He winked at me. I rolled my eyes. “Whatever. Where’s that guy earlier? And oh,” I just remembered something. Payback time for Ryne. “for the record, you’re so irresponsible for someone who has a ‘responsibility.’ You didn’t even check the guy out before giving off Dash to him. What if he – ”

“Actually, I did check him.”

“No you didn’t. You two screamed at each other – ”

“Exactly.” he smiled.

“You lost me again. That doesn’t make sense at all.” He explained patiently to me, “If a person has a comm device and screams like that, believe it or not, it will actually be making a sort of buzzing sound and I was – ”

“Close enough to him so you can hear the sound?”

He grinned. “Very good, sis! Keep that up. Oh. Here he comes. Just look pretty and hold my hand.” 

“Why in God’s name would I do that?”

He grabbed by hand and interlocked our fingers tightly. “Do you want to look retarded as you put it, or – ”

“Fine! You’re always right. I can’t do anything about everything, at all. I honestly don’t see why I argue with you when – ”

The pet-in-charge greeted us. “Hello, lovebirds! Where’s your card? You have a dog right?” he asked, looking at us both.

“We’re not a coup – ” I started to say.

“It’s okay, honey. You don’t have to be shy.” he smiled sweetly at me. He reached into his pocket and got out the laminated number and the guy gave him Dash’s leash, and Dash barked at us, still wearing his sunglasses.

“Enjoy the Marquette!” the guy left.

I turned to Sky. “Honey. Why the hell are you so annoying?”

“It’s one of my charms, darling.” he flashed a killer smile at me. For a short second, I was absolutely dazzled. Then he laughed out at my face. “You like me don’t you?” he asked.

What?! This is getting very annoying. 

“That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard!” What’s with people for God’s sake? Even Imah!
“No it’s not. Come on, Ryne. I won’t tell anyone.” he chuckled. “It will be our own little secret.”
“Go to hell.” was my response.

“You know, in your dictionary, that usually means yes.” He smiled, exposing that little dimple on his left cheek. Then we suddenly heard,

“You two look so gwood togethur!” I looked around. No one was looking at us. Then Sky tapped my shoulder at pointed down.

Looking up at us with eyes full of wonder was a 4 year-old girl with blonde pigtails. No one was with her, but she doesn’t seem to care. Sky knelt in front of her.
My eyes were wide as I saw the picture. Not all people find guys with small kids a turn-on, but God. Sky looks nothing like the guy who just killed people less than 24 hours ago. He looked different.

“Where’s your mom, dear?” he asked, holding both of her shoulders. He was searching for bugs. The electronic ones. It makes me sad that something as innocent as a little girl can be involved in this mess – that you can’t completely trust anyone at all.

“She said she will come baack, but she didun’t.” she said cutely. I knelt beside Sky then. I said to her. “We’ll help you find your mom, okay?” she giggled. “You wook pretty.” Wow. Sky turned to me. “Told you so.”

“Shut up Sky.” I turned back to the girl. “Thank you.” I smiled. “What’s your name?” I asked. She said, “Samantha.”

As she said that name, I saw Sky’s reaction. His emerald eyes were clouded with wistfulness and he looked like he was reliving a memory from the way that his eyebrows wrinkled as he watched the little girl’s face.

But he seemed to see someone else.

I held his hand that was handcuffed to mine. A sad Sky was something very troubling to see. I said quietly, “What’s wrong?”

He blinked two times and his features morphed into one of self-loathing. He shook his head then he stood up. “Let’s find her mom.” Unexpectedly, he shook his hand out of mine. I stared at him.

What just happened?

The little girl held my hand – the other one – and asked,

“What’s your name?” smiling.

“I’m Ryne.” I replied calmly. Then I shot a sideway glance at Sky.  After a moment’s hesitation, I added, “And this is Sky.” He doesn’t see to be listening tough, just walking quietly, and searching the crowd for Samantha’s mother. She pulled at my hand and said, “Are you married to him?” she pointed at Sky. I sighed. This is really getting wearisome. “Sky is my friend. Sam, can you tell me what your mom is wearing? We can find her easily that way.”

“Uhh,” she said, with her hand on her chin. “She has gold hair.” And then Sky. There was it again. Hi posture turned rigid and his face showed raw emotion. Then what happened next was out of my comprehension.

I gripped his wrist and said, “What’s wrong? And don’t tell me it’s nothing, we both know it’s anything but nothing.” He seemed distracted, looking at nothing in particular as he said, “It’s a long story. And I’d rather not share it, if you don’t mind.” I stared at him. The crazy thing is I do mind. I’m not used to seeing Sky like this, it’s not… good. When he gets sad, it’s contagious. I don’t like seeing him this way.

We continued to walk in silence. But there are dozens of females having blonde hair, it’s impossible to tell which one. I turned to Samantha again. “What is your mom wearing?”

She simply said, “Blue.”

“A blue dress?” I asked patiently.

She gave me a huge grin. “Ban. Dana.” She said it like it was two words. So, a blue bandana. That’s not so hard to find. I looked at Sky worriedly. He then turned to me. 

“This place is huge.” he said, emotionlessly. “We won’t find her mom. Maybe we should just ask around.” On the contrary though, his tone made I clear that he doesn’t want to socialize at the moment. 

“Where did you last see your mom?” I asked Sam. Her eyes shone as she replied, “Cotton candy!”

“Err. The cotton candy store?”

            She laughed loudly. “Yes.” After hearing that, Sky moved to the direction of the store and pulled us with him, with a barking Dash.

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