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Chapter 37: Ever wonder

Chapter 37: Ever wonder (Wattpad)

Part I:


It was the middle of the night. Everything was quiet. They lightly stepped on their toes. Everything had come to plan up to this point. Everything must go to plan. The door to the bedroom opened without so much as a sound and he saw them.


On the bedside table was a snow globe. And it was glowing. He considered stealing it away, for the sake of amusement and to induce more unsettledness for Cavanagh but stopped when he saw the name inside the lighting globe. 

She’ll be looking for it the next morning, no doubt. 

The person rejected the idea in his head, looked at the couple of people sleeping soundly and almost laughed at their stupidity. Ice had been so right about the two of them. Then the person turned to Sky.

This one’s the problem.

He slowly got out his drugged handkerchief and stepped closer. They’ll be able to get rid of him at last.

The person covered Sky’s airways and saw his eyes opened instantly, like he’d been electrocuted. He started struggling and reaching out for Ryne, but the person held his limbs back. Their struggle came to the point where they were wrestling quietly on the floor, but the drug was talking effect; Sky was weakening. Slowly. But he was still persistently reaching out for Ryne. The person craned his neck to look at the girl. She was still sleeping. That’s good.

Really good.

Now, La Brea was really knocked out, his eyes closing and his head dropped to the side.

Just perfect.


I had the most wonderful dream ever. I dreamt about Britain. About happily ever after. I tossed on the bed, smiling and opened one eye slowly. I barely got enough sleep but whatever. When I looked at my side though, I frowned.

No Sky.

My lips parted in surprise and I sat up slowly. I looked around the room then. Nothing. Don’t panic.

I whistled quickly and was intensely relieved to hear the four familiar paws making its way to the bedroom door. Dash clambered up to the bed and frolicked on the sheets. He was barking like crazy.

“Calm down, boy. What is wrong with you?”

He still barked and circled around the side of the bed. The side of the bed where Sky usually slept – on the left. My eyes widened as Dash abruptly jumped off the bed and raced to the living room. I ran after him and found him clawing at the door.

The door with the password.

My heart was racing as I pursed my lips, which were parted in surprise. I whistled to Dash again and went back to the bedroom. The curtains were drawn and so I got out my beetle necklace to check the time. 1:20pm. He must’ve left a note or something, I thought. He must have. Sky would be like that. Dash followed me on my heels and I almost cried with relief when I saw a blue folded paper on the low table. I almost flew to it and instantly opened it – 

I’m sorry, I’m not there yet. I promise to get back as fast as I could – Imah called me, saying there’s something she needed to tell. Important. Just stay there, okay? I love you.

I stared at the letter. I bit my lip as I folded it back. I love you. This is really unexpected. I hoped that when I wake up, it would be his face I see and it would be his face I see and it would just be like last night, only better. I stood up and looked around the vast room. Now what am I supposed to do? I rolled my eyes and went back to the bedroom, ignoring my still-racing heart. I’ll just take a bath and get ready. All the while, I was trying to shake off the feeling that this is the first time that Sky disappointed me. 

Part II:

It’s been fucking long. I already did everything at my disposal – eat, drink, watch tv, read, play even. And he’s still not back. In my desperation, I even tried the code on the door for millions of times but you know what happened. I didn’t succeed whatsoever.  I picked up the note and started pacing. Again.

I promise to get back as fast as I could.

I gritted my teeth. Something’s not right. When he says he’ll do something, he does it in a blink of an eye. I sat down on the floor in defeat, touching my anklet. This is the first time I’ve felt like a real prisoner. What the bloody hell is he doing? I glanced around the hotel room, which is a complete mess.

I tried out the briefcase again but failed – it’s on the sofa beside the restless Dash.
Dash never became restless.
The contents of the other drawers were strewn around the open space. I rubbed my arms and jumped violently when I heard the fast, consecutive beeping. I stood up, as if electrocuted. 

It wasn’t the door.

I breathed hard, spinning around the room. I know that sound. I know it. My uncle had me listen to it countless times. It’s coming from the sofa. Somewhere on the sofa.

“Off, Dash.”

As soon as Dash got off, I scanned the pillows, throwing them away one by one. The couch was almost bare when I threw the last of the pillows, I scowled. Nothing. Then I pushed the couch until it was against the wall and I saw the blinking red light on the floor, as if it fell there. I picked it up, the still-beeping object.

Sky’s comm device.

No. Fuck this. He’s wearing it all the time, I know it. I pressed the little button with a shaking finger and then inserted it in my ear.


“Ryne? Is that you? Why the fuck are you – ”


“Get out of there now.”

“What? I can’t! The door – ”

“The pass is 777, now get – ”

“Where’s Sky?”

I can’t just leave! I can’t! I spun around the room, disoriented. I heard Xavia say, “No time! Go out now!”
Then on the door I heard beeping. I spun, facing the door and before the second beep, I ran away. “Ryne?! Get a gun under the mattress from the bedroom – ”

I heard the door being kicked open and they rained bullets around the room. My heart rate accelerated as I called out, “Dash!”

He came thundering towards me, unharmed. I continued running to the bedroom and flung the mattress aside. Absolute fuck.

Guns. Armalites. Bullets. Bombs. 

I grabbed a revolver and turned around, but the instant that I did, my vision was blocked by a fist sent to my direction. I was knocked down to the floor, my jaw throbbing. From the floor, I saw the shoes of five people. All armed.

“Ryne?! Can you hear me?”

I summoned strength from my leg and swung it around, knocking the guy who punched me earlier on the floor. I got up as fast as I could and aimed the gun, but someone grabbed me by the hair from behind and nudged a gun at my side.

“She’s a feisty one.”

The voice sounds familiar. She sounds like the woman last Tuesday. Oh, God. Please no. 

“Not unlike you, Sash.” the guy on the floor said. He was already getting up and he slapped the gun away from my hand, leaving me defenseless. I tried to control my breathing, looking at the other people. I heard Xavia through my ear, her voice full of fear.

“Ryne?! Talk to me if – ”

She never finished what she said as the guy pried the device off my ear violently and threw it on the floor.

He stepped on it.

I exhaled. I knew something was wrong. The woman chuckled in my ear. “La Brea taught her.” she scoffed. “I can’t even stand to say his name.” they all chuckled amusedly and then Dash barked at them, growling and baring his teeth. One guy turned to me, “Shut him up.” The same woman holding me laughed before I could respond something to the man.

“Permanently?” she asked, aiming the gun at my dog. No. “Fuck off.” I struggled from her vice-like grip and she almost ripped my hair off from my scalp.

“You know what? I’ve waited for a long time for this moment. Just a little more honey, okay? And I’ll keep your precious little dog – it’s always good to have a trophy – ”

“Let me go!”

She pushed me forward. “Walk. You,” she turned to one of the guys, “take care of the dog.”

“Dash!” I tried to manuever away from the woman but she stood her ground. “I won’t kill the animal, okay? Just shut the fuck up.”

“Hey, Sash.” the guy tossed her a handkerchief. “Oh, this will make it easier.” The next thing I knew was she was holding the cloth to my nose and mouth and passing out.

           Part III:
“…been more than a week.”

“Week? You imbeciles…”

I groaned as I felt myself bound – my hands and feet. I shook my bangs away from my eyes and at the same times, making sense of my surroundings. 


We’re inside a car.

“She’s awake.” The guy I fought with earlier was on my right. I shot him the dirtiest look I could muster and turned to my other side.

Grey eyes.

“I think you know who I am.” She said with the same Russian tint in her voice. I stared at her face and my soul crumbled. I swallowed hard and I asked in what I hoped was a steady voice. “Where are you taking me?” she smiled. “It wouldn’t be a surprise anymore if I told you, would it?” the driver of the car spoke in a low voice, “Almost there.” I looked out into the window and saw nothing but green. Green fields. I looked down and stifled a sigh. I looked back at the woman, my gaze straightforward. 

“Where’s Sky?”

She laughed out loud. :I’ve been waiting for you to ask me that.” I felt anger bubbling up inside me right then.
“Where is he?”

“You’ll find out. I must say, I make an impressive little note, don’t I?” I struggled against the ropes and attempted to kick her. “Fuck you. You don’t – ” the guy behind me covered my mouth his hand. I bit him.

“Ah, fuck!” he pulled my hair and I can’t help whimpering. “Look at what you did!” I didn’t bother responding to him and twisted away from his grip. I breathed hard. This is not happening. It isn’t. A little sob almost escaped me when I thought of Sky. Where is he? I bit my lip hard, so hard I thought it might bleed. He will come. He will. The car stopped in front of what looked like and abandoned building and the man dragged me out. Once I as outside, I scanned the never-ending fields, looking for signs of other life.

There wasn’t. 

Three of the guys pulled the heavy metal doors open and Sasha Hale went in first, then the same man dragged me along. 

Inside was a warehouse. Stripped of everything and the leftover, useless materials were stacked on the back. There was only one light in the middle of the room as they closed the doors. The windows provided poor source of setting sunlight but I can still see it.

See them.

There were more than a dozen of them and I felt fear enfold me like a blanket. And then I saw Sky.

He was unconscious, with blood dripping from the corner of his mouth to the hard ground. I struggled with my captor to get closer to him though we were yards apart.


He didn’t respond. He didn’t wake up. And I can’t even see his face – his head was hanging loosely, like he was sleeping. Once we were with the others, the man untied my feet and I kicked him hard in the stomach and ran to him. 

The man whim I left fumed. “Fuck! When I get my hands around your neck – ” 

“Leave her alone. She’s too important. Unfortunately.” Sasha’s eyes burned as she said those words. I didn’t even hear them as I sprinted towards Sky, my heart pounding in my chest. He was tied to the pillar and the ropes were completely around him. I felt my breathing drew in sharply as I watched his face. 

He was covered in blood.

No. No, no. “Sky? Can you hear me?” I touched his face with my tied hands and shook him a little bit. He did not respond, panic rose up to my throat and I shook him harder. “Fuck you. Wake up.” I felt a hand a hand on my shoulder steering me away from him. “He’s alive. Barely, I hope.” 

I swung around and punched the unfamiliar face. Another person grabbed me from behind and lifted my feet off the ground. I screamed in rage, “I will fucking kill you!”

“Not very likely.” It was another woman’s voice and she entered the fray. I sighed miserably. I know her as well.

“Recognize me, don’t you, Ryne?”

Her grey eyes looked at me from head to toe and she talked to her sister. “It’s my turn now, Sash.” she just chuckled in response and walked away. The person set me down and I automatically came back to Sky, spreading my arms around him and facing them.

Ice MacArran cocked her blonde hair to the side as she watched me. Then she clicked her gun. “We’ve been watching the two of you, you know. It was really fascinating.”

I glared at her. No one invades my personal life. “What do you want?”

She raised an eyebrow. “What I want? I don’t want anything from you. I need something from you.” I sighed deeply. “Please. I don’t know what you want. Just let Sky go.” I now felt tears gathering in my eyes, much to my frustration. “I’ll do anything.”

She grinned. “I know you will.” She turned to the other dozen people and just motioned with her gun and they left, only five remained and stayed behind. She faced me again. “It’s better if he’s awake, don’t you agree?”

As she said those words, one man started walking towards me and Sky. A fist seemed to close around my heart as he approached. “Don’t touch – ”

He flung me across the room as if he heard nothing and punched Sky on the face really hard. I landed on the ground facedown and was disoriented. That knocked the wind out of me. I blinked several times and found the buff figure of the guy beating Sky, who was now groaning and attempting to avoid the man’s fists.

“No!” I got up hastily and started running but two other men grabbed me on each side, preventing me from even moving. Ice just watched the scene like this happens every fucking day.

“Stop!” I struggled as best as I could but my vision was blurred as tears entered my eyes again. My head snapped up as I heard Sky groan loudly.


I held my breath as he slightly raised his head to look at me. He seemed confused. “Ryne?” he asked in a slurred, hoarse voice. I pursed my lips and called out. “It’s me.” then another batch of tears streamed down my cheek. And then Sky looked at Ice and anger seemed to fill him with sudden energy.

“You said you won’t hurt her – ”

“I didn’t. Not yet.”

He trashed himself against the ropes in an attempt to break loose. “No! You – ” 

“Look,” she said, brushing hair away from her face. “All I need is the location. Just the location. La Brea. Don’t make this harder for you – ”

“Let her go!”

I panted, trying to get away from my captors with my exhausted muscles. Out. I looked at Sky. We need to get out. I looked around the warehouse for something that might be used to our advantage.

Ice smiled hugely. “I have a better idea.” She turned to the buff guy who beat Sky up. “Untie La Brea.” The man hesitated and instantly, she turned ice-cold. “Do it!” he promptly went over to the pillar an cut off the rope with a pocket knife and in the second that Sky regained the use of his limbs, he attacked.

He kicked him in the stomach and the guy flipped over from the sheer force of it. Ice chuckled smugly. “One.”

Sky punched the guy again when the guy attempted to stand up, with droplets of water splatting on the floor. “Two.” Ice continued counting.

Why was she counting?

Sky turned to Ice as well while his enemy was still knocked flat, confusion being the cause and as he did, his competitor stood up slowly. I instantly shouted,

“Watch out!”

Sky turned in time to avoid the hit and set the man sprawling on the floor with a hit from his elbow. Ice pursed her lips – from excitement. “Three.” Sky lost all strings of patience he owned and shouted,

“Why are you counting?!”

She didn’t respond but turned to both of the men who held me. She just smiled and one man le go and the other faced me. He kicked me in the stomach, which sent me sprawling on the hard ground. I coughed blood. My back and front sides hurt. I distantly heard Ice say, “One.”

God. I felt tears flowing from my eyes. God, no. 

The man picked me up and punched my jaw. “Two.” More blood came out and he let my limp body fall back to the ground. Then I heard Sky roar, “No! Leave her alone! I will kill you – ”

The same man kicked me, and I now lay completely flat on the ground. “Three.” I can’t breathe properly. It hurt to breathe. Sky continued struggling. “Let go of me! I will kill all of you – ” I heard Ice’s little laugh. “I told you earlier that I’ve been watching you.” As she continued talking, both of the guys pulled me to my feet again and I didn’t bother supporting my own weight. She said, “Ryne doesn’t have to suffer. Just tell me the location and I’ll let her live. That’s all you want isn’t it? Her alive?” She stalked closer to him and he gave her a look of purest loathing when she was close enough. He said,

“You’re lying. You want her dead.”

She shrugged. “Okay. So I want her dead. That doesn’t make your situation easier.” he lunged at her but she didn’t even flinch or step back. The enormous guy pulled Sky back. Ice crossed her arms. “Now, Sky. I’ve got all day, but sadly, you don’t.” he ignored her, looking directly at her eyes. She nodded. “Your choice.” She backed up and the guy holding Sky immediately resumed punching and beating him.

He didn’t fight back.

“No! Get away from him!” I struggled fruitlessly, blinded by what I was seeing. Sky was on the floor, breathing rapidly and the man grabbed him by his shirt and punched his face.

“No! Sky, fight back!”

He didn’t. He lay still on the floor, his chest heaving. I sobbed brokenly and Ice tutted. “He won’t fight back, Ryne. He’s afraid that I would start counting again.” 

I watched with horror. “No! Damn you!” She didn’t seem to hear me but surveyed Sky. She talked to the big man. “La Brea won’t talk. But at least,” she looked at me, “we have leverage.” She smiled and held out her hand. “Knife.”

Sky shouted. “No! No, no, NO!” Ice tossed the knife to the man on my side and he caught it, facing me. I breathed rapidly, weakly trying to break loose from the other guy from behind me. The man in front grabbed my wrist and started sinking the blade slowly into my skin.

I tried to pry it away, but his grip was tight. I can’t breathe properly and when he heard no reaction from me, he sank the blade hard. I screamed violently, and I pushed and kicked to get away. I heard Sky, “No! Fuck you – ” I screamed loudly again as he cut another wound beneath the previous one. 

“Get your hands off her! I will kill you, I swear to God – ”

“She wouldn’t be like this if you just tell me, La Brea.” Ice said.

I sobbed tiredly. I can’t. I can’t do this anymore. I cried my heart out as the pain on my entire body seemed to intensify a hundredfold. Sky said helplessly, “But – but I can’t. You – ” the blade cut through me again and I screamed for the third time. I saw Sky’s face crumple in pain and his eyes looked shattered. I whispered to no one in particular, “Stop. Can’t. Please stop.” Sky cried out brokenly, there were tears on his eyes and some were falling on the ground. “Just let her go and I’ll tell you anything, everything you want. I’m begging you, please.”

She glared pitilessly. “I let her go, I lose leverage. Do I look like a fool to you? I know you. You won’t speak a word. I gave you a choice and now you leave me with none.” She readied her gun and approached me, pulling me with her by the arm. I tried to ignore the defeated part of me that keeps on saying that we might as well die here. Blood from my wrist dripped to the ground as Ice led me to the center of the room, a gun poised at my head. 

“No! I’ll do anything – ”

“Have you ever wondered, Ryne,” she said, drowning out the sound of Sky’s voice. “Have you ever wondered why your parents died at that car crash five years ago, yet you weren’t sure it was them?”

Time stood still.

No. That’s not possible. Nobody knew that. Not a soul.

“I don’t know – ”

“When you looked in their coffins and hesitated? Questioned the identity of your own – ”

“Shut up!”

I gave a struggle but she overpowered me easily. Sky called out, voice panicked, “Don’t listen to her, Ryne. Don’t – ” Ice’s grey eyes glinted. “Oh, that’s right. You’re afraid of her knowing, aren’t you, Sky? Afraid that you’d lose her?”

I breathed in sharply. “Know what? What is she talking about Sky? You – what are you – ” Ice’s laugh filled the open space. “Oh, Ryne. There’s so much you still don’t know – ”

“She’s playing with you! Don’t listen – ”

“If Sky really loved you, she continued, as if there was no interference, “he would tell you the truth, right? But have you ever questioned why he chose to hurt you with it instead?”

“No! I would never hurt you. I love you!”

“Have you ever wondered about the reason why we call you Cavanagh?”

“Shut the fuck up!”

“Or your parents? Can you tell me their names?”

I breathed fast, as though I’m in a race. Tears flowed freely through my face as I recalled those painful memories. I replied, voice barely above a whisper, “My parents are John and Leia Evers.”

“How about Ryan and Danae? What about those names, Ryne?” my temple throbbed. “I don’t recognize those names – ”

“You don’t? What a shame. How about – ”

Sky shouted, “You monster! Damn you! I will fucking kill you and – ” he was cut off because the enormous man taped his mouth from behind, and now he can’t utter a single word. “Much better.” Ice turned to me. “Now, Ryne. I’ll ask you again – are those names familiar?” I looked at Sky, struggling to get off and his emerald eyes were full of heeding warning and mixed emotions. Ice pressed the gun to the side of my head, demanding an answer. 

“I don’t know those people.” I replied, eyes closed. 

“Have you ever wanted a big brother, Ryne?”

“I don’t have – ”

“Have you ever heard of the name Mark? Mark Noel?”

“Who are these people?!” I raged at her. “Why are you asking me this? You don’t – ”

“How about a little sister?” she continued, ignoring each of my questions. “A sister named Trisha. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

I sobbed. “I don’t know. What do you want from me? I – I don’t know what you’re talking about, okay? Who are – ”

“Last one, Ryne. Alexa. Do you know her? It would be wonderful to have her as a cousin, as well as Colleen – ”

“What the fuck are you talking about? I don’t know these people – ”

“You want a familiar name? You asked for it.” she chuckled mirthfully. “Maybe it’s just me, but I think you’ve already forgotten everything about him. I doubt you can even remember his name right now.” She said, glancing in Sky’s direction. “Did you even wonder how Crash was doing, Ryne? Or did you forget? You did, didn’t you? Of course, I don’t blame you – with La Brea around, it’s hard to focus right?” 

I closed my eyes, trying to shut her voice off. I can’t take this anymore. I can’t. Distinctly, I heard the tape being removed from Sky and I heard him,

“Ryne, I…” he seemed at loss for words. 

“Wait, you two!” Ice intervened. “Don’t be so sad. Carsh found another one for him. Now isn’t that great? A little bit fast though, what do you think?” 

Another one? “What – what are you – ” 

“She’s a friend of yours. What was – oh, right. Mia. Do you want proof?”

Ice released me, dug something from her jacket and faced me, waving a photo of Mia Lorette. A blonde with blue eyes and beautiful figure. She was wearing a silver flower necklace.

“The necklace? Carsh gave that to her, if you’re wondering.” My soul shattered as every second ticked by. This is just too much. I can’t take in anymore. 

“Ryne, I – ”

“No. Shut up, please. Just leave me alone.”

At those words, his face drained of blood and he looked fragile as never before. “Please – ”

“Leave me alone. Just…” I released a strangled cry. “Leave me alone.” Tears slid down from his eyes and to the hard, cold ground. He fell silent.

Ice laughed coldly. “Oh, how I love surprises. You people are fun to be with. So much fun. But enough of Meyers. Ryne needs to know herself – ”

“No! You can’t tell her – ”

“Really? Who said so?”

I swallowed hard and wiped the tears from my bloody face. I tuned them out. All of them.

“Have you ever wondered why you’re so good at shooting at combat, Ryne?”

I looked up to her. There’s nothing about that. Nothing. There’s no reason for her to bring that up. “I’m not – ”

“Did you ever think that maybe you got that from someone? Inherited it from someone?”

No. No, no, no.

My heart was about to burst from my ribcage as I faced her. “What are you talking about?” She smiled as she whistled once, and one man brought to her a briefcase.

Sky’s briefcase.

I heard him moan as if he’s in pain when Ice held it in her arms. Her grin turned wider. “You see, Ryne. Your Sky hadn’t been completely honest with you – ”

“I did it for you, Ryne – ”

“And I happen to know that password to this briefcase.” she turned to the rows of numbers. “Triple seven, if I’m not mistaken.” She pushed the square button.

It clicked open.

A man grabbed my upper arms from behind as Ice surveyed the contents. “This is so sweet.” she said, pulling out a rose. Then she chuckled. “I thought this was a business briefcase.” She threw the rose away like a useless piece of paper. In spite of myself, I called out to her,

“What is it?”

She was almost dancing with anticipation as she pulled out a folder – and unceremoniously dropped the briefcase, cash paper scattering on the ground.

“I have this little treasure in my hands. We’d all like to know what’s inside, don’t we?”

“No! I swear to God I will – ”

“Shut up, Sky!” I turned to Ice. “What is it?”

“Are you sure you really want to know? You might be a little shocked.”

“Will you just fucking tell me right now?”

She sighed mockingly. “Well, if you insist.” She opened the file and pulled out a thin piece of paper. “Won’t you look at that? Here’s a picture of someone quite familiar.” She looked at me. “You look the same Ryne.”

I struggled with my captor in vain; trying to reach out to the paper like my life depended on it.

I have a feeling that it does.

“What the fuck is that – ”

“Ryne! No – ”

Ice laughed. “She wants to know Sky. Really, you don’t have to be so mean – ”

“Stop it! Fuck you all! I want to know! Give me that!”

Ice chuckled, seeming satisfied. “Yes, this person definitely looks like you.” She said, holding up the other papers but keeping it away from me. “I don’t think it’s you, though. She doesn’t have John and Leia Evers and she – ”

“Give me tha – ”

“Patience , my dear – ”

“No! I want those papers NOW!”

She ignored me and continued. “It’s better if I tell it. Trust me. This Ryne here on the paper lives on the 73th street in the city of Sunbury. Hmmm. Maybe you’re a neighbour – you live there too, right?”

“Shut! Up! Give me – ”

“She’s 17 years old, born on November 15th, wears glasses of the grade – ”

“No! Don’t you fucking dare ignore me! Talk to me!”

“She’s left-handed and loves reading books – ”

“Tell me now!”

“Has a lot of money, apparently. And incredibly rich – ”

I paused. That’s not right. “No. What – what are you saying? I’m not – ”

“Two living cousins, two siblings, one dead – ”

“NO! Fuck you! My family is dead! Stop it – ”

“Her name is a combination of her parents’, it says here. See? Ryan, Danae – Ryne?”


No, no, no.

“Get away from her! Shut the fuck up!”

Ice laughed again. “Shut up, La Brea. Now, Ryne. Do you want to hear some more?”

“Don’t you dare – ”

“Remember those names earlier?” she asked, ignoring Sky. “Alexa? Colleen? Mark? Trisha? Oh, I forgot someone. George. Do you know him, Ryne?”

“No! Don’t listen to her – ”

“You don’t know him, do you?”

“Stop!” Sky continued shouting.

“I’m asking her – ”

“Fuck you, MacArran – ”

“Do you know who asked to kidnap you in the first place, Ryne?” she asked, turning back to me. “It would really make things clearer – ”

“NO!” Sky shouted.

“Tell me.” I looked into her grey eyes.

“No, no, NO! Ryne – ” Ice cut him off. “I’ll check this stack of paper again, okay? Oh, look,” she smiled. “I did not notice this before. How could I be so stupid? Her name isn’t Ryne Evers. It’s – ”

“No! Goddamn you – ”

“Ryne Cavanagh.”


No, no, no.

God, no.

“Does she sound familiar, Ryne? I think she does. Her grandfather was a Mafia leader way back in Russia – ”

“No. Stop it – ”

“That’s the reason why her parents died. I don’t know about any John or Leia, but this sounds promising.”

“That’s not true.” Tears blurred my vision. 

“Cousin to Alexa and Colleen Cavanagh. Sister to Mark and Trisha – only little Trisha died, what a shame – ”

“No. Stop – ”

“Her family once had control over powerful nuclear bombs that dated back from the Cold War. Stolen, from the Cold War. I stand corrected, I’m sorry – ?”

“NO! That is not true! Fuck you! I don’t know what you’re talking about! You’re lying to me – ”

“Her great-grandfather started the Mafia and stole the bombs from the Soviet forces when the military superiority happened back then. Then he passed it from father to son – to George Cavanagh.

I breathed in shallow breaths, shuddering. No. That is not true. They’re lying. I know who I am. I – 

“Then when George’s son and the others were killed, he gave up and started over. Happy ending what do you think?”

“You’re lying – ”

“But then he was so afraid about his dear granddaughter – what would happen when the enemies find out there was still one child? What would happen if we found out? So he hid you, protected you. And here we are now – Ryne Evers, daughter to John and Leia, living a complete lie – ”

“I know who I am! You’re all lying to me – ”

“Are you sure, Ryne? Have you ever felt like something is not right? You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? The feeling hovering around you, the one that keeps on telling you that you don’t belong? That something crucial is somehow missing?”

A horrible fact made my stomach churn and I could only utter two words, “My uncle.” Turbulent emotions were coursing through me as Ice laughed and said, “Oh, I like that part. Your supposedly uncle is actually George's head of security. Now I really wonder about that - ”


“I know my own life! You don’t have the fucking right to tell me – ”

“Have you ever wondered why you have brown eyes when neither of your parents doesn’t?”

“You don’t know me! Leave me alone!”

“That you have traits that they don’t?”


“Why they scold you so harshly when you go off somewhere without telling them?”

“You don’t know them – ”

“Didn’t you think that they were afraid because some dangerous people might find you? Enemies? Us?”

“Shut up!”

“Why they are evasive when you ask them about family?”

“NO! Stop – ”

“Why different people had their eyes on you since five years ago? Maybe, just maybe, they’re George’s comrades, keeping and making sure that you are safe – ”

“Stop, please – ”

“Keeping you away from us?”

“No! You don’t know a fucking thing about me! Do you hear me? I know myself – ”

“Now, ask yourself, Ryne – why didn’t Sky tell you all of this? Why didn’t he?”

I looked at him, my core shattered beyond recognition and thousands of memories rushed through me – the Canberra Marquette, the snow globe, the birthday surprises. The first kiss.

And he told me nothing.

He looked at me, his expression broken, eyes filled with unshed tears. “Ryne, I – ”

“All this time you were lying to me – ”

“I wasn’t lying! I never did! I – ”

“You told me nothing.”

“I can’t! My hands were tied! Please – ”

“You could’ve told me but you didn’t.”

“I never knew it would be like this! Never – ”

“You kept me in the dark since the beginning.”

“No! Please, listen to me – ”

“You hurt me.”

“I would never hurt you! I love you!”

“I hate you. I wish I never even met you. This wouldn’t have happen if – ”

“You don’t mean that.” He froze and stopped breathing. “Please tell me you don’t mean what you said – ”

“I mean every single word of it! This wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t come into my life! You just messed everything up! All those times were nothing! Nothing! I fucking hate you!” 

He stared at me, the light from his emerald eyes seemed to die out and the tears stopped streaming from his face. But his anguish seemed to be beyond tears. He looked as if he lost the will to even live. He looked like a sky. A sky without stars. Empty. Nothing. 

“You promised.” he said softly, his stare glassy. “You promised me…” 

 Then I remembered the words I said, the exact words I said from last night:

 “I promise I won’t hate you. I promise. How could I?” 

That promise was broken from the start. I knew it. 

             I knew there was no happily ever after.

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