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Chapter 30: Samantha

Chapter 30: Samantha (Wattpad)

So now, I have an extremely useful book, an iPad and a bangle, which is still on my arm. And the anklet, of course. After we played another game, we ate dinner Рsaut̩ed mussels, my favourite. We put out the lights on the candles one by one, Sky holding my waist, in case of my fall number two. It seemed to take an eternity. How the hell had he managed the light all of this again?

“This is the 50th candle, did you know that?” I said, turning my head to look at him. He shrugged, changing the location of the candle as he put it back down. He was behind me, guiding me to keep me from falling as he said, “Only a few more.” Then he yawned. “If you want,” he continued, “you can go to sleep. You already washed up anyway – ”

“I feel guilty. I’m sure this won’t take long – ” then without speaking, he lifted me off my feet and carried me to the bedroom. The gentle rocking movement of his body is lulling me to sleep, then he laid me down on the bed. 

“I’m tired.” I mumbled sleepily. 

“I know. It’s kind of obvious.” He pulled the blanket up to me and I removed my glasses. “Goodnight. I hope you like my surprise by the way.” he said, his voice hushed as I closed my eyes. 

“Mmm. I do.” then my brain shut down completely.


This girl does nothing but sleeps and eats. He gently brushed a strand of hair away from her sleeping face, and took off her slippers, shutting the lights on his way out. He resumed the blowing of candles all by himself this time. With every candle put off, the room grew dimmer and dimmer, the smoke rising up to the ceiling. When the last candle flame had been extinguished, the room was in complete darkness. This is bizarre – he suddenly felt alone. Then his feet carried him back to the bedroom, pulling off his footwear, changed his clothes quickly and faced the bed. 

He hesitated.

He looked at Ryne on the bed, sleeping, then next looked at the couch. To hell with it. His tired body gave in and he settled on the left side of the bed, facing her. He shared the blanket and willed himself to sleep, and found that he couldn’t. 

He then turned his attention to Ryne. Her hair was fanned out in front of her and out of curiosity, he stroked it, the brownish colour of her hair turning black in the lack of adequate lighting. He took his glasses off and sighed, problematic.
Yes, she’ll hate me.



I clutched the blanket tighter to my chest, feeling cold. I tried to bring myself back to sleep but – I failed. When my hand moved to the other side of the bed, I felt something light and soft. And something definitely out of place. I slowly opened my eyes, straining to see in spite of the light of the room and went automatically for my glasses with my free hand. Then I saw what I was holding. 

A rose.

Yes. Definitely out of place. 

The rose was in the place where Sky should’ve been sleeping. There was a letter attached to it but I glanced at the couch first, making sure. He’s not there. Hmm. I turned to the rose and letter on my hand. This trick looks like the ones from those cheesy movie clips. Typical Sky, losing his head every once in a while. I didn’t sit up on the bed but rather opened the letter while still lying down, my view sideways. It read,

If you’re reading this, I’m probably not back yet. I’ll be back soon, okay? No funny business while I’m gone. I just had to do something important. I already reinstalled the monitor password com, so you don’t have a way out. Don’t even think about it. I left you some food from the room service and it’s at the table when you get hungry later. I had a wonderful time last night. I hope it’s not too grand for you. And please don’t remove the anklet.
Be back soon,

Of course I couldn’t escape. How wonderful. And he was what? Going somewhere ‘important.’ When I read the ending part though, it felt weird – he was so sure that I’m going to hate him. And now that I mention it, Imah said that in her letter, as well as Xavia. That feels really uncomfortable. How do you expect to hate someone who has done nothing but make you happy? I drew the covers up to my face again. This sucks. Why do they have to be so cryptic, anyway?

Then the door banged open and Dash came bounding in. 

“Hey, Dash.”

I let him clamber up to the bed and greet me good morning in his own dog-ish way. He was standing on all fours on top of the bed and I put my head against his back. Laziness is epic and more evident in the mornings. I opened my right eye then. The room so empty and wide. This is stupid. I feel really left out. To better keep my mind off things, I grabbed clothes and went inside the bathroom of the room. 

This is actually new, I thought. I can do whatever I want without someone constantly annoying me to death. I pursed my lips. I’ll make most of my time alone. Better make the most of it.

           Being alone sucks. Where the bloody hell is that guy?! It’s almost an hour. A bloody hour. I glared at all the food wrappers and plastic containers on the dining table. I think I’ve eaten everything. The gourmet breakfast didn’t seem to be enough so I rummaged through the freezer – that was 30 minutes ago, maybe less. I don’t really know. I already read Xavia’s book and was halfway through it when I decided to play the iPad. Alone. No challenge whatsoever. So I gave up easily and resumed eating. Tried to watch the television with Dash. Alone.

How dare that person leave me alone. 

I stood up, glancing around the room. Sudden inspiration struck me. I quickly cleaned up the dining – see? I’m not an entirely evil person – and went out to the living room, Dash on my heels. What I planned to do isn’t exactly exciting, but I’d rather do something. I opened all the drawers of the cabinet, one by one, starting from the top. The first one had clothes, then more clothes, next were the candles from last night. The living room this morning was back to its neutral setting – the dull curtains and the rest of the package. The next drawer had the roses. They were in vases with water to keep them from dying. I looked at them and remembered the other one on the bedroom where I did exactly the same thing - put it in a vase. I don’t know why, but I grabbed a handful and bound it with my hair tie. I crouched down to the floor and opened the last drawer.


There was a briefcase. A sturdy-looking one. Sturdy means awesome, right? There’s got to be something in this piece of leather. I pulled it out, closed the drawer and sat down on the floor. Dash came up to me and laid his head on my thigh. I looked at the row of numbers on the handle side. Everything just has to have a password. I sighed determinedly. I tried 015 – the damned birthdate. Then pushed the large square button.


110 – the birthday month. I pressed again. Nothing. Oh, fine. I’ll do this randomly. 257. I pushed. Nothing. I banged the briefcase to the floor in annoyance. Five more tries. Then I’ll go back to my catatonic death state.




Damn this. Even Dash seemed to be bored to tears. 251. I pushed again. Mother of God. Nothing. I was getting ready to try the last one- whatever the hell it is – when I heard something. Something beeping. My head turned to the door so quickly that I cricked my neck. Ugh. I rubbed the back of my neck. Now he comes back. I put the briefcase down quickly and ran stealthily to the side near the doorknob. I can’t stop the huge grin on my face and I almost gave in to the evil laugh sounding through my head. The machine then by the side of my head beeped once and the doorknob started to twist. Then the door opened abruptly and the instant I saw the rim of his glasses and the outline of his body, I jumped in front of him. 

“Welcome ba – ”

“Fuck!” He pulled his gun. Gun.
Oh. My. God. The look on his face is priceless! I can’t stop laughing and I was holding the sides of my stomach. He looked like he saw a flying sheep or something! He was now putting his hand over his chest, breathing hard. He made an effort to close the door, though. God, help me. He turned to me, eyes accusing. I bit my lip, trying to quieten myself. But – but. I burst out laughing again.

“That was so epic!”

“It wasn’t.” he responded, waving his gun at me. “I could’ve shot you!”

I laughed still. That was amazing. Especially the gun part – for the win! He put back his gun now and faced me. I pursed my lips. He stared and stared. What now? I looked at him skeptically. “What?” He shot me a you-know-what-you-did look and said, “That wasn’t funny.” I smiled hugely. He’s so bitter. “Maybe it is, maybe not.” I said, shrugging. He sighed and his gaze turned towards my hands. He raised an eyebrow. 

“What’s with the flowers?”

“What’s with the changing of topic?” I shot right back. He put both hands on his pockets, shrugging. “It’s just that, you look like a virgin sacrifice.” My mouth opened in horror, yet he still continued. “No pun intended, of course.”

Who does he think he is? “After you left me for more than an hour, that is what you say to me?” He smiled a little. “Did you miss me?” I shot him a flat look. 


He smiled wider and lifted an eyebrow once, shrugging his shoulders again. “I’ll just pretend that you’re not lying – ”

“I am so not.” Seriously. I forgot about the guy’s damned ego. He chuckled lightly and scanned the room. He spotted the briefcase on the floor, near the cabinet. Then his brow creased and he looked at me. 

Right, Ryne. You’re so stupid.

I spoke before he could open his mouth. “I had nothing else to do so I… yeah.” He licked his lips and asked, “You didn’t open it, didn’t you?” while walking over to the briefcase in question. I followed him. The bloody hell I opened it. That thing is impenetrable. “Of course I didn’t, Sky. I tried all the combinations known to mankind but nothing.” He put the briefcase back, feeling proud, no doubt. 

“Yes. Of course.” he replied, smiling. He had a follow-up question this time, “So what did you do the past hour?” then he leaned on the cabinet and crossed his legs, looking like a therapist. Close enough.

“I read, watched the tv, played with the new gadget, and played with Dash. Alone. Just by myself.” I responded, emphasizing the keywords. He just chuckled merrily, his green eyes twinkling. 

“Hey. I missed you too.” He laughed. I crossed my arms over my chest. So what if I did? “Ha ha, Sky. So hilarious.” He paid little attention to what I said and looked down on my left leg. I suddenly became self-conscious – I was only wearing shorts for God’s sake. Okay, they’re big shorts, but still. The hem just barely made it to the top of my knees. I straightened my huge shirt – rather Sky’s huge shirt – and raised an eyebrow at him. “What the hell are you looking at?” his gaze reverted back to my face. He smiled a satisfied smile and replied, “You didn’t take off the anklet.”

That was what he was looking at? My head tilted back in slight surprise and I looked at the present. It was sort of sparkling from where I see it and the emerald was giving off a different glow. I turned back to him, “Of course I didn’t. I’m a good person sometimes – ”

“Sometimes.” he repeated, emphasizing and nodding. I rolled my eyes. Most annoying person award. Hooray. What fun. He now looked at my left shoulder. “How about – ”

“I didn’t take it off. Of course, I really couldn’t, but – ”

“What did you eat?” he interrupted. I scowled at him. “I ate some food. I didn’t finish it all; I think there’s something left in the – ” 

“I understand, Ryne,” he said, and amused grin on his face. “Believe me, I really do.” I sighed slowly, straightening my glasses and moving back to the couch. I lay down, covering all the space that was meant for three people. 

“So what else did you do?” he asked, following me and he sat down on the couch as well and he leaned back, putting both of my feet on his lap. I admit, it feels nice. “I did nothing. I’m serious. You can ask your Zombie.” 

He chuckled, rubbing my ankles and fingering the anklet. “Maybe later. I’m a bit bushed.” I snatched a pillow and put it behind my head and got another one to hug. “Where did you go anyway?” he still locked his gaze on my ankles and massaged them, never meeting my eyes. “It’s nothing. Just something I had to do.”

I smell something. When Sky acts like this, there’s only one damned name that comes out obvious. This Samantha person is really getting to me. My forehead creased as silence commenced between us. He continued the massage though, much to my comfort. Should I ask? I looked at him as I considered. He looked a bit troubled already, what more if I ask him about her?
Damn this. Never mind the Samantha person, there’s always a next time. I said casually, “I should be the one massaging you, I think.” A smile tugged at the corners of his lips and he responded, “As if you would.” He does have a point. I relaxed further in the couch, settling in deeper. “That feels really nice.” Now he really smiled. “I handle guns Ryne. What do you expect?”

“How does that connect? Do my feet resemble guns or something?” he chuckled lightly. “No, they don’t.” he said, grasping them briefly before returning to the heavenly massage. “You can just learn how to handle certain things when you’re used to guns, that’s all.” I turned to the flowers on my hands. “You’ll train me now, right? Now that I’ve sort of recovered?” he nodded. “We’ll start tomorrow.” I picked one red rose from the bunch of others and held it. I just want to, okay? I like roses. I looked at Sky, and when I did like so many times, only one thought constantly crosses my mind.  

Better late than never, right?

“Who is she?”

He turned to me slowly, as if he wasn’t particularly interested in my question. Such actor. “Who is who?” I pursed my lips before saying her name.

“Samantha.” His eyes looked emotionless this time, his hands on me suddenly slower. I continued, “Who is she?” He just looked into my eyes and smiled wistfully.

“My soul mate.”

He turned back to my feet and resumed the thing he’s doing. I stared at him, shocked, eyes glazed with concern. The hands on my rose suddenly felt clammy and I tightened my grip. Poor Sky. I think I know what happened at the end of their story. 

Or maybe it hasn’t ended yet, I thought, remembering Sky’s reactions. I twirled the flower with my fingers. I found whatever courage I could and asked quite gently, “What’s she like?”

He paused with what he’s doing, staring off at nothing in particular. Then suddenly, as if an image came to him, he smiled. “Long golden hair.”

I looked at him. So that’s why. Samantha – the little girl at the Marquette – had blonde hair too. And she described her mom having ‘golden hair.’ This is ridiculous. My eyebrows crunched together. I don’t think he’ll continue anymore, but them he spoke again. “Blue eyes.” I imagined what he just described and found the image rather… beautiful. 

Sky seemed to remember my presence and turned to me, the sad smile still on his face. “She’s the complete opposite of me.” If colours could cry, his green ones would’ve been weeping right now. 

I want to know more about her. But I would never ever ask the one question. Never. From the way he looks right now, if I asked why he isn’t with her right this moment, he would probably… well, I don’t have any specific idea, but something bad. Obviously, Ryne. I said to him, “I’d like to know more about her.”

He looked at the roses at my middle, and on the one on my hand. “Every Tuesday, I would give her a rose.” he smiled then. “We met on a Tuesday, you see.”

That’s so sweet. I stared at him, lips apart. I never knew Sky had a side like this one. I remained silent, sensing it would be better if he alone spoke for the time being. His smile turned wider, like he was replaying a memory in his head. “Her parents didn’t like me because of my dangerous work.” Then the look on his face after he said that could only be of a man deeply in love. “But she didn’t care.”

Seriously. This guy is going to give me a heart attack. What the hell had he been through? Now the urge to ask him where she is right now is knocking me over. I asked a safe question before I mess things up.

“Is she British?”

He smiled, showing his pearl-white teeth. “Half.” I don’t know why, but I found myself smiling as well. I must be crazy. He blinked and looked at me. I mean, really look at me. Not like he was reliving his past – a bittersweet past, it seems. 

“You’ve been waiting for me to tell you about this, haven’t you?” 

I shrugged one shoulder, unsure how to answer. “Sort of.” he just smiled and turned to my feet, massaging them again.

           This situation is turning my world upside down.

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