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Chapter 16: No more cotton candy ever

Chapter 16: No more cotton candy ever (Wattpad)

We passed many shops of all kinds – Chinese, lollipop, apparel, sports stuff, souvenirs, candies, cell phones, books, accessories and more candies. After a few more minutes though, we’re at the candy shop. There were dozens of fluffy sugar on sticks of different colours – mostly pink. It looks like Sky wasn’t coming up from his mood, so I took the responsibility. I turned to the shop owner.

“Excuse me, sir.”

“Yes? What colour would you like?” he asked me, after giving a little boy two purple cotton candies. 

“Actually, we just have to ask you something. This little girl is lost.” I patted Samantha’s tiny head. “She said she saw her mom – ”

“Yes! Yes, the bandana lady.”

“She was here?” my chest surged with hope and optimism. 

“She was talking to me about her little girl. She’s panicking, actually. Before leaving, she told me she’ll come back. I think you better stay here. She’ll not be long, I guess.” he explained. A customer came up to him and he said to us, “‘Scuse me.”

I felt so relieved. I thought we’d have to ask countless people or hours before we found her. I turned to Sam. 

“Did you hear that? We’ll see your mom soon.” I smiled. “While we wait, do you want to eat a cotton candy for a bit?”

She squealed in delight. “Yay! Canday!” I turned to the owner again. “Three please.” I gave him the credit card and he swiped it. “Just get what colour you want.” he said distractedly, busy with other customers.

Sam got a pink one, and I got the purple – I’m not really the pink lover person. I turned to Sky, telling myself that I wasn’t concerned. Being nosy is one of my best qualities, all right? I chose a sky-blue coloured cotton candy and faced him. Samantha was holding the end cloth of my dress, making sure she won’t get lost again. I held out the cotton candy to him.

“You could use some sugar, you know.”

He reached out for it. “What does this even taste like?” What? I never knew someone had never eaten a cotton candy of my entire 17 years of existence. 

“You’ve never eaten a cotton candy ever?”

He smiled a little. “Actually, I prefer real candies” Nevertheless, he took a bite. Samantha almost finished hers and I looked at Sky weirdly, watching his expression. I never talked about candy with someone since I was six, but anything to make him bounce back would do. I asked him, “So? How is it?”

He looked at me, awkwardly puzzled. “Can’t you chew this thing? It just vanished.” I laughed. That was awesome! Vanishing candies. I giggled again. 

“What? It did!” he said. 

“That’s how it’s supposed to be, moron. That’s why they’re so cheap.” I chuckled. I ate my purple cotton candy, and he did the same. He chuckled lightly, “It’s actually not that bad.” Before I could respond, a woman’s intensely relieved voice met our ears.


Then we saw a female of maybe about 30 years old, making her way over to our direction really fast. She hugged her daughter the instant that they can touch each other.

“Never run away like that again!” she said, half-scolding, half-loving. 

“Mama! Ryne give me cotton canday!” she said delightfully, with sugar all over her mouth. The mother turned to us. She said, “Thank you so much, dears. I thought I would go crazy!” She carried Samantha. “Do you want something for – ”

“No, no. It’s okay.” I smiled. “We had fun with her.” Then Sam piped up. “Ryne and Sky are married, Mama!” 

Oh no.

Me and Sky looked at each other, startled. We started to say at the same time – 

“No, no we’re not – ”

“That’s stupid – ”

Her mother laughed. “Okay, okay! I believe you!” but the way she looked at our handcuffed wrists said otherwise. I looked at Sky with a look that clearly said, This is your fault. He smiled evilly at me and held my hand. 

I should be annoyed and furious. I should be. But all I felt was relief that the old Sky is now back. I must be crazy. The mother smiled at us. “We should get going now; her father’s waiting for us. Going crazy as well.” Then she winked at us, walking away. Sam said over her mother shoulder, “Bye, doggy!” waving at Dash. Dash barked in response.
Sky looked at me. “Well, that was easy.”

“Yeah. I thought we’d be searching for hours.” We continued strolling with the crowd, with Dash trotting on Sky’s right side, holding his leash. 

“This isn’t even a real candy.” Sky said as we finished eating and threw the plastic sticks on the bin. “Stop being problematic of candies please. You’re a kidnapper, remember? You’re supposed to be making sure I don’t escape – ”

“I am.” he said, holding up our intertwined hands. “And I can be problematic about anything I want. Even sky blue cotton candies.” he shot a knowing look at me, complete with a killer smile. I blushed fiercely. “Oh please. Not everyone’s name is a goddamned colour – ”

“I didn’t say anything.” he said innocently. “That’s just another proof that you like m, Ryne.” He shook his head. “Very subtle, by the way.” He chuckled mirthfully.

“I do not like you. End of story. Just because you’re handsome, doesn’t mean that the world will kneel at your feet.” He stopped in his tracks. Then he smiled like he just backed his prey into a corner. “So I’m handsome?” I started to interrupt him but he cut me off. “And you admit it without any coercion from me.” He laughed. “I thought you’re not attracted to me – ”

“I didn’t say a single thing about attraction. I said – ”

“Same thing, really.”

“Wow, Sky. I had no idea that you lack basic education – ” I started quoting him, copying his tone. “Stop that.” He said, though I know he was trying hard not to smile.

I giggled. “Mr. La Brea, you just got served.” I laughed then he put of his sunglasses and put on the other one. I saw his green eyes sparkling. “Now, I’m getting annoyed, Ryne.” 

“Doesn’t seem like it, really.”

He put his firm hands on my slim shoulders. “Kiss me, Ryne.”


I stared at him, my jaw dropping to the ground. Where the hell did that come from?!

“What the fuck – ”

“It’s just a little test.”

“Test? Are you out of your mind?” With one hand, he removed my sunglasses. Then afterwards, he let his hands drift to my waist. “You’re not serious!” Shit! What is he doing?!

“You’re blushing like it’s the end of the world, you know.” he told me.

“Well, maybe it is.” 

He laughed. “I now conclude that my little experiment is successful.” he said contentedly, releasing me. 

“Experiment? You were tricking me?” 

His eyes flashed. “What? You really expected me to kiss you?”

“No. And stop saying that word, it makes me gag.”

He nodded to himself. “Yes. Yes, my experiment is a definite success.”

“I beg you please, tell me what you’re on about.” I pleaded.

“I just confirmed that you really do like me.” He said seriously. Then he seemed to realize something. “You – ”I started to say.

“Yes, me.” he continued, his tone and face dead serious. “But Ryne, I would have to ask you to put a stop to it.”

“To put what? What are you – ”

“Just trust me, Ryne. And please, stop being charming.”

“Charming? What the bloody hell are you on about? Did I do some – ”

“You didn’t. Just a little piece of advice, sis. And it’s sort of the protocol.” He smiled slightly. “Now, where do we go next?” he asked as if nothing had happened.
            They must’ve put something in the cotton candy.

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