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Chapter 23: Monopoly cookies

Chapter 23: Monopoly cookies (Wattpad)

Xavia left more than an hour ago, leaving Sky watching a war movie and me soaking on the tub in a warm bath. I felt incredibly clean and relaxed as I changed my clothes – rather, Sky’s big clothes; I actually didn’t have the leisure of packing for this supposedly great adventure. I sat next to Sky at the couch, his eyes were glued to the screen and he was leaning forward slightly. It’s like he was on the war field himself or something. For the first time ever, he didn’t feel my stare burn through him. 

            Or maybe he did. Sort of.

            He’s worse than my Dad when watching these kinds of movies. Like, with every shot of gun and a cannon fired he moves closer and closer to the television screen. 

            “Sky, sit properly or you’ll get sucked in the tv.” he said,”Shh!” complete with hand gestures. I rolled my eyes and leaned on the back of the couch, feeling my still-damp hair and moving to a squatting postion.

            “I can’t believe –  ”


            That’s just plain rude! I thought, aghast. I was going to give him a compliment! A bloody compliment. Why do the testosterone-filled human beings enjoy these kinds of movies anyway? People just kill each other for no reason – it’s really downright depressing. No offense to the people out there, of course.

            “I was just going to say that – ”

            “Shh!” he said again. 

            Okay, that’s it. “Don’t you know any word besides – ”

            “Shut up, Ryne!” he replied in hushed tones. “They’re going to kill him…” his voice trailed away as his attention grew slack. 

            “That’s what the movie’s about, anyway. People just kill each other and – ” he started opening his mouth but I beat him to the punch. “Yeah, I know. Shh.”

            Five more minutes of Sky’s crazy attitude and the movie itself, I gave up. I stood up and was a half-step to the kitchen when Sky caught my wrist. How he did that while still being hypnotized by the screen was admittedly awesome. But because he was Sky freaking La Brea, he quickly changed my opinion about it. He said,

            “Where are you going? You know you’re not allowed to – ”

            “The kitchen, Sky.” Really. He wasn’t even looking at me while speaking and then he just had the guts to – “No. Who knows what you might to in there – ”

            “What? Do you think I’m too stupid that I’ll stab myself to see if it would work or – ”
            He shook his head slightly at my answer and responded, “We both know that you’re kind of smart. No need to flaunt it – ”

            “I wasn’t! I was just going to the kitchen for God’s sake.” My voice came out rather irritated. But, seriously. It’s his fault.

            “Running for valedictorian? Honor student? Yeah, Ryne, that’s you. This movie’s almost over. Just wait and we can go there together.” This guy needs help. Lots of it. 

            “So you’ll just force me to just stand here – ”

            “Of course you can sit down. You’re just making this more difficult.”

            “I am not, for the last time. I just want to go to the – ”

            “Do you want to see my handcuffs again? We should baptize him, you know, and – ” I cut him off with “Damn you.” I sat back down on the couch forcibly and tried to focus on the movie playing. Honestly, I did! But it doesn’t make much sense because I started at the last part. But I’m sure which part of the ancient history it belongs to – World War III. It’s not really ancient, but you know, it’s water under the bridge. 

            I tried to scan my surroundings instead of the film. The room looked stuffy – it feels like it, too – but it’s a comfortable kind of stuffy. The curtains were closed as always, making the room dim. Aside from the light of the television and the reading lamp, the room was in semi-darkness. The shapes and structure were impressive but I need to eat. It’s my calling. I gave Sky ten more minutes. Ten more and that’s it.

            After fifteen minutes – fifteen! What happened to the plan? – I was sure I was going to die of boredom.

            “Err, Sky? I thought you said it was already finishing up.” He just patted my knee repeatedly. “Almost there, almost there.” I almost groaned in frustration. I’ll bet he was talking more to the television than me when he said that. Five minutes, I thought. He has no right to starve me. 

            I was feeling pretty good at myself – patience is a virtue, right? Though, the third minute came and went, I grew sleepy. I was seriously considering the handcuffs right now. At least I can eat. My eyes closed again and it was just the perfect position for dozing off. One does not simply sneeze all day and not be exhausted. Slowly my mind entered the unconscious state, my head lolling on the side. Then I suddenly heard, 

            “That was epic!”
            I felt myself jolted back to reality, body startled and heart beating frantically. I scowled at him. “Yeah nice work, Sky.” with my hand on my chest to feel my heart, as if to calm it down.
            “Oops. Sorry.”

            I rolled my eyes, again, and stood up. “Fake apology accepted. Come on, we need – ”
            “That wasn’t fake!” he defended, turning the tv set off.

 “We still need to eat. All I had was ice cream.” I started walking briskly to the kitchen, with him behind me. When we were inside, he raised an eyebrow at me quizzically. 

“Do you even know how to cook?” 

That’s the worst insult ever.

“Of course I do!” he only chuckled at my fuming and at my response. He put both hands at the back of my shoulders and steered me to a high chair. “How about you watch the pro first, what do you think?”

“I’m not the one to boast, but I’ve fed myself for the last five years. Not to mention I have Dash.”

“This isn’t about your cooking skills, Ryne. It’s about mine and I honestly owe you one – I forgot to let you eat, your flu – ”

“Speaking of flu,” I replied happily. “I think it’s gone.”

“It is.” Maybe it’s because of Xav.” he said randomly, pulling out pans, plates and a spatula. I turned my chair side to side, feeling like a kid. “Yeah. With a face like that, she could cure cancer.”

He laughed. “You should’ve seen the list of all the guys madly in love with her.” he shook his head in obvious admiration, while turning the stove on and started searching for the ingredients. ”She doesn’t like any one of them, though.”

“She doesn’t? Why?” I asked, perplexed. A person like her must’ve been in more than one relationship, or five. Sky just shrugged, flipping the oil bottle in the air and catching it repeatedly. “Xavia Walsh has someone else in mind.” he turned his back on me then, pouring oil and started sorting the other ingredients for the dish. I stared at the back of his head, mouth open.

“Xavia likes you?” That’s just so - shocking! I mean, if they had babies, they would be like cherubs straight from the gates of heaven. God, have mercy. They’re too perfect for each other.

“She, err, told me about it.” he vaguely answered. Honestly. A blind person could tell that he was lying. I said to him, “Sky, please don’t insult me. I know that you know that I know that you’re lying.” he stopped his spatula, posed in mid-air. 

“You know that what?”

            “You’re lying! That’s the point.” I answered. “She didn’t tell you – Xavia doesn’t seem like that kind of person. She probably –”   

            “Ryne! Will you just… stop?” he finished meekly. Oh my God. I knew it. “What did she do exactly?” I asked, piqued. 

            “Why in the world are you asking?” he complained, obviously wanting to change the topic. “I can’t cook properly with you hounding on my back – ”

            “I’m just curious! Who wouldn’t be? And I don’t have other means of entertainment, so – ”

            “It’s private, okay?” I can sense that talking about it made him feel really uneasy, maybe even nervous, and I felt more and more intrigued. If only there was some way that he could tell me – Oh. Yes. Yes, there is. I thought evilly. This is going to work perfectly.

            “I wonder what Mr. Mafia would say if he saw us right now.” As soon as I said the magic word, he froze. I smiled triumphantly, though he couldn’t see it. Nevertheless, he answered, “His main priority is to keep you safe and you can’t exactly escape now.” That is true, sadly. Before leaving, Xavia tinkered with the door and connected it to a monitored password com on the wall right next to the door. I sighed in mock sadness. But maybe not that mock, but whatever.

            “Yeah, you’re right. I wish I could have a bit more fun, though. I can give him a good feedback and – ”

            He finally turned around to face me, his eyes tortured. “You’re a devil, you are.” I just laughed at my victory and prodded him to spill everything. He continued cooking, the sounds of clinking metals echoed in the small kitchen of the suite. 

            “Well? I’m waiting.”

            He hesitated for a minute more before he tried to answer. “Xav and I were alone then – her friends left to see something, a movie, I think. And, uhh…”

            “That’s it, go on.” I said, encouraging him. I told you one of my best qualities was being nosy, didn’t I?”

            He covered the pan with the lid and faced me, his hands on the countertop. I didn’t have any idea of what he was cooking but it smells delicious. Soon. Sky tried again,

            “She told me some things – ”

“What things?”

He actually groaned. “Please don’t make this harder than it already is, I beg you.” I felt so gifted at that moment. He continued, “She told me things, and before I could respond, she – she – ”  I can see beads of sweat on his forehead from where I’m sitting. Good God, I’ve never seen him like this before.

“She kissed you, didn’t she?”

His face flushed. “I don’t know why the hell you are entertained at my personal expense.” he turned back to the stove. “Show’s over.” 

“You like her, don’t you?”

He whirled at me. “No, I don’t! She’s like a little sister to me. I don’t reciprocate her feelings.” I pursed my lips at that. I knew it wasn’t exactly true. I heard their laughing earlier and nobody can deny that Sky likes his “little sister.” Or maybe it’s just me. 

I felt myself frown. I suddenly felt very alone right then. I stifled the urge to sigh and forced my tone to be upbeat. “What are you cooking?”

“Enchiladas. And I got some Monopoly cookies.”

“Monopoly cookies?” I’m not sure I heard that brand before.

“They’re my recipe. Don’t you want to eat cookies while playing Monopoly?” I smiled slightly. 

            “Sounds fun.”

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