Monday, March 5, 2012

Chapter 4: Hallucination

Chapter 4: Hallucination (Wattpad)

3am. I was still tossing and turning on my bed. What do I do tomorrow? My face scrunched up in thought. The cops didn't even listen to me! It's absolutely outrageous! And then they call themselves police. HUH. And now I'm completely being deprived of my much-needed sleep. Before I got to my bed, I triple-checked my doorknob and the front door. Also Dash's doghouse. I'm being cautious, okay? I don't have paranoia. No, I don't. Then finally, my body started to shut down and I slowly drifted off to sleep.

7:00 am

I got to school in good time. But apparently, that wasn't enough to ease my tension and calm my panic. What would he do? I thought for the millionth time. I decided to go to school, in case he came shooting down my door and kill me on the spot; one of the disadvantages of living alone. It's better to be around people, I concluded. He won't exactly go psycho and attack me on a classroom. At least, I don't think so. I'm just sitting on my desk, minding my own business. There were only three other students with me and Corky. What if I confront him? Actually, the thought was pretty decent.

I considered it.

I'll confront him. He won't attack me, hello? A big building with a lot of people? Right. People were starting to come in now and a lot others can be heard on the hallways.

He's not one of them.

And as if I broadcasted my thoughts, he came in. My heart started beating frantically. He sat on his seat behind me and I tensed. I'm sure he knows it. I sighed. This would be a long day.

Before I knew it - lunchtime. Everyone started dashing out. Time to put my plan into action. I plucked up whatever courage I have and - where is he? I saw him making his own way among the other students.

I guess this would be a stalking mission, then.

I followed him out, but the crowd of people wasn't making it exactly easy. I grunted in annoyance. Why do I have to be so small? Then I saw light reflecting from someone's glasses.


I jogged to his direction through the throng of people, mumbling "excuse me" for the sake of good manners. And finally. I caught up to him and took a deep breath. You can do this, Ryne.

"Hi, Sky."

"Oh. Hello there." he said. With a British accent. Could he be more perfect? He smiled. Oh, no. I tried my hardest not to drool.

"Uh, you're Ryne, right? I'm your back mate. Nice to meet you." he held out his hand. The STUPID thing is I almost shook it. Bloody good thing I remembered what I came for. I'm not here to make friends, I need answers. Here we go.

I said, fast, "Actually, I was going to ask you about what happened yesterday. I know you might probably have an explanation for that, and I'm sorry for running away like I did. I shouldn't have done that, but you uhm, scared me. But I was wondering whether you can tell me what that's all about."

WHY DID I TALK LIKE THAT. I wish I could swallow those words back. Damn it. But wait. What -

"...I'm sorry?"

I gaped at him. Is he denying what happened? God, help this person. I knew I saw him. I knew what I saw. I am NOT crazy, and I'm going to force answers to come out.

"Are you denying that yesterday you..." I trailed off.

"Yes?" he asked innocently. This is unacceptable. It just isn't. I was thinking of about a witty remark when I noticed something off. Something with his face. Aside from it being carved from perfection I mean. Then I saw - Oh. Mother. Of. God.

On his collar. Placed so strategically that you wouldn't see it unless you were up close. Like me. Shit. That's a spying device, that is. I'm sure of it. What the bloody hell is going on here?! Another hallucination? I don't think so. Not this time. There must've been something with my expression because he said,

"Are you okay?" his glorious eyebrows scrunched up together.

Glorious be damned, he must be a spy of some sort. Or agent. Something like that. Without thinking, I reached up to his collar.

He suddenly backed away. He looked at me and said,

"Lunch's almost over." he checked his watch. "Sorry, Ryne. I'll chat with you later."

Then he left.

That just perfectly confirmed my suspicions. I know a device when I see one. My closest living relative - my uncle - makes this kind of things. Back then, I used to go up to his huge office on his house and he'd tell me something of each of their new "products."

            I'm all alone now, standing in the hallway. My mind is buzzing. What would that kind of person do in a place like this? This is ridiculous. I can't think about his, and I won't. No crossing the line. I'll just stay out of his way, whatever he's supposed to do and avoid him at all costs.

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